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(Hat tip: @pacelatin)

Bloomberg reports that Robert Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and demanded records of the millions of Ameros it has loaned Donald Trump.

  • Deutsche says that it always cooperates with investigators.
  • Jay Sekulow, Comrade Stupid’s shyster, says no subpoenas have been issued.
  • Mueller is silent, like the Sphinx.

Reuters reports that Mueller wants to know if Deutsche Bank sold any of Trump’s loans to any Russian banks under U.S. sanctions.

And here’s why that is important: Comrade Stupid could owe Russian (Putin) banks over $300M Ameros. Is the deal that Putin will forgive Comrade Stupid’s loans if Comrade Stupid cancels the sanctions against Mother Russia?


$300M Ameros is a lot of money to you and me, but would not be a catastrophe to a multi-billionaire, if Comrade Trump actually is one. So… how much debt is he actually in? I recall reading that US Banks avoided loaning him money for his projects for a lot of reasons.

There’s a lot going on there.

Zappadan Miracle: it’s possible that  Mueller may already have Trump’s tax returns.

The Saturday Night Massacre awaits, you know it’s coming.

(Housekeeping note: Gotta go downtown, be back later.)

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5 Responses to Follow the Ameros!

  1. US Banks avoided loaning him money for his projects for a lot of reasons.

    Naaah, just one: he’s a thief and a cheat, plain and simple…he doesn’t pay back what he owes you. He fucks over his investors with glee, routinely stiffs his contractors, and I’ll bet if any of them dared to complain, his immigrant rent-a-slaves “guest workers” at places like Mar-a-Lago would tell you they don’t get paid all that they’re owed either.

    Banks got tired of getting fucked over.


  2. Condi says:

    The note about having Trump’s tax returns already had me so giddy i started dancing about and singing Petula Clark’s version of “Downtown.” And it’s one of the days when I’m actually in the office…


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Trump is “probably” a billionaire the way he was “probably” Man of the Year.


  4. ming says:

    Truly a miracle. Frank works in mysterious ways.

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  5. paul fredine says:

    didn’t one oh his spokestrolls say something like ‘just because they asked for those records doesn’t mean that he’s the target of any investigation? denial runs deep.

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