Activism: Opposing Wealth Redistribution: It’s Our “Life” On The Line

batgirltobatphone_zps24956fc4From The Guardian:

Living in cars, working for Amazon: meet America’s new nomads

My first encounter with one group of the new nomads came in 2013, at the Desert Rose RV park in Fernley, Nevada. It was populated by members of the “precariat”: temporary laborers doing short-term jobs in exchange for low wages. Its citizens were full-time wanderers who dwelled in RVs and other vehicles, though at least one guy had only a tent to live in. Many were in their 60s and 70s, approaching or well into traditional retirement age. Most could not afford to stop working – or pay the rent.

Since 2009, the year after the housing crash, groups of such workers had migrated each fall to the mobile home parks surrounding Fernley. Most had traveled hundreds of miles – and undergone the routine indignities of criminal background checks and pee-in-a-cup drug tests – for the chance to earn $11.50 an hour plus overtime at temporary warehouse jobs. They planned to stay through early winter, despite the fact that most of their homes on wheels weren’t designed to support life in subzero temperatures.

Their employer was Amazon.

Amazon recruited these workers as part of a program it calls CamperForce: a labor unit made up of nomads who work as seasonal employees at several of its warehouses, which the company calls “fulfillment centers”.

CamperForce. They have t-shirts, provided by amazon no doubt. That way the locals can tell who’s coming in from out of town poaching their slave wage jobs.

It’s time to call your R representative AND Your R senators.

Hammer them with the message:

  • Keyword: Protect My Obamacare
  • Keyword: Oppose the Tax Bill
  • Keyword: See You At The Ballot Box

We all need the people with R Senators and R Representatives to make multiple call per day.

If you really want to have an impact and make a difference physically walk into your Congressional Representatives office and speak to someone face-to-face. The office is near you and knowing it’s important enough for you to take the time and make the effort will have an impact far greater than any number of phone calls.

FYI: Remember emails are ineffective.  People in Russia can send emails. Phone calls work because they can identify where the call is coming from.

Please don’t call any Senator or Congressional Representative if they aren’t yours. You call will be ignored and you’ll block the line for someone whose voice they will hear.

It’s time folks. We’ve been fighting impossible odds all year and we’ve won each and every time because we kept at it.

Remember –

Phone Calls Work!

Of course, if the idea of retiring into a tent sounds like a good idea to you then just sit there and bitch about how unfair it is. But please bitch to someone else.



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