Comrade Stupid is Stupid (UPDATED)

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

Putin Rides Again
(credit: The Art of Buddy McCue via Scissorhead B-4)

Do you see the YUGE mistake that Preznint Stupid made bigly?

It was just three little words, and not the romantic three little words of RomComs, but closer to Go Hang Myself:

“…and the FBI.”

Time for a timeline! Yay!

  • January 27 Comrade Stupid tells FBI Dir. James Comey that he expects loyalty at a private dinner.
  • February 13 Moscow Mole Michael Flynn was You’re Fired’ed, supposedly for lying to Mike Pence (a man so wooden that termites salivate when he walks into a room).
  • March and April, Preznint Stupid tries to get Comey to “back off,” according to Comey’s sworn testamony.
  • May 9 Preznint Stupid You’re Fired’ed Comey.

If Stupid knew on February 13 that Flynn had lied to the FBI (as he tweeted, above), then:

One) How did he know Flynn had lied?

And B) If Stupid knew that Flynn was guilty on February 13, then his conversations with and subsequent You’re Fired’ing of James Comey are a cover up.

This is exactly Obstruction of Justice.

Reportedly Preznint Comrade Stupid’s shysters have told our moron-in-chief to never talk about the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac. But as we all know, you cannot tell Comrade Stupid to do anything, he’ll do the opposite.

All we are missing to have Watergate Redux: Electric Boogaloo is for Preznint Stupid to You’re Fired Robert Mueller.

Stay tuned, I think it’s coming.


UPDATE 2: Stupid is now attacking his own FBI:

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8 Responses to Comrade Stupid is Stupid (UPDATED)

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Hair Furor is scrambling to disentangle himself, much like I had my eggs this morning…


  2. Osirisopto says:

    It’s OK.

    Twattler said his attorney implicated him.

    Or maybe as it violated client attorney privilege?



  3. Feline Mama says:

    There is an advantage for us for one with dementia. He tells the truth without knowing he is. Keep him talking please.


  4. Redhand says:

    But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.

    I shudder to think. In his hands the FBI would change its initials to NKVD.


  5. That picture is almost as terrifying as Trump!


  6. AuroraS says:

    It’s possible that he’s inadvertantly admitting guilt, but equally possible that he’s (stupidly) “remembering” history incorrectly because he thinks it makes it seem like he could tell Flynn was bullshitting and he did something honorable. I don’t know if it matters, though.


  7. paul fredine says:

    interesting. humptytrumpty’s personal attorney asserts the preznint cannot be charged with obstruction because he’s the preznint. how odd, one of nixon’s articles of impeachment was, you guessed it, for obstruction. and then came bill. but i guess little donny must be something special where those same things don’t apply.


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