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Linda Harvey Goes to the Folsom Street Fair and all she got was a Rabbit in chaps cosplay

Linda Harvey, sex-scolder extraordinaire, has locked away her Water-Pik, and closeted her shower-massager, and firmly she has duct-tapped the oven mitts onto her shaking hands as she hits—squarly in the junk—the topic dujour:

Want to reduce the sexual abuse of women and children?

Yes! Don’t vote for Republicans! Great to have you on board, Linda…

Get porn out of homes, offices, studios, schools, libraries and off personal smartphones.

Say what?

Censorship? Why not? What would be lost? There is no redeeming social value in pornographic images of actors paid, and usually drugged, to have fake sex in front of cameras for money. Who finds any of this interesting?

Who finds any of this interesting? Linda, you should work for United Artists, they need a good projector.

And also out of the mouths of obscene feminists who rush to “celebrate the vagina” but decry global violence against women. Hello?


With the proliferation of online porn and vulgar “slut-pride” feminism, the posture of many men toward women and children has changed, and not for the better.

 Oh, dear. We’re going into blame-the-women territory, aren’t we?

America needs to clean house, no doubt. But our culture is lining up male predators before firing squads of women whose leaders are the likes of Eve Ensler.

Ensler made us all remember that females can be predators, too. An early version of “The Vagina Monologues” featured a vignette about a woman’s memory as a 13-year-old girl who was plied with alcohol and then molested by a 24-year-old woman. In that early version (later removed), the dialogue includes the idea that, “If it was rape, it was a good rape.”

And another skit in the play has an older woman asking a 6-year-old girl to describe her vagina.

Am I the only person who thinks self-derogatory exhibitionism and proud child corruption have aided our current predator epidemic?

It is a rape culture, after all. Yet do lesbian predators not exist? I guess if it’s homosexual corruption of children or lesbian statutory rape, the author doesn’t get ostracized, but instead gets a Tony Award.

So, women are to blame for women being victimized by men, and more specifically feminism is to blame?

Is this really where you are going, Linda? What’s that? You’re going to SF (be sure to put some flowers in your hair):

In 2008, several other pro-family advocates and I attended San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair. We were in the Sin City to demonstrate in favor of man/woman marriage. While there, we attended Folsom Street, which may be the most depraved public event in America, except perhaps for the Burning Man festival.

I bet you were at Folsom Street.

Folsom Street is massive, with over a hundred thousand in attendance, and is all about sado-masochism and homosexual men having public sex. The “Fair” even featured exhibits where people teach sexual whipping. No one is supposed to look at “bondage and dominance” and note the probable demonic oppression of its participants.

…taking copious notes, obviously and no doubt for your spank bank folders full of sexual anarchists. The thing that is odd, Linda, is that no one is compelled to go to the Folsom St. Fair, and for those who do go, they learn about consensual sex, not predatory sex. The thing you missed at Folsom is  that Bondage and Dominance (and Submission) depends upon all parties agreeing on terms first.

Roy Moore/Roger Ailes/Bill-O never asked their victims anything first. It was them pulling rank (so to speak), but I suppose a tiny detail like that might be missed by you?

I’m guessing you were too busy taking “notes?”


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3 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. I suspect she has forearms like Popeye from the “exercise” she’s getting.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Not to go all serious or anything but… perhaps ten thousand years ago the precursors of the Judean “Christian” Muslim Mormon Cult of Male Domination usurped the woman’s rightful role in the proper ordering of the world and all hence: War, politics, religion, pornography, serve naught but to reinforce that domination.


  3. Green Eagle says:

    “…the most depraved public event in America”

    I guess you never heard of the Republican National Convention. Or Judge Moore’s trip to the mall.


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