Net Neutrality: Time To Step-Up

I’ve been trying to come up with something to say about net neutrality that I have not said before. (It seems we are always defending the net, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I read a couple of local-to-me blog posts about it and thought I would share those links with you:

  • The Stranger has a sort of macro-economic post about net neutrality with an interesting possible solution, with a societal implication that is bigger than the net.
  • My neighborhood blog, CHS (Capitol Hill Seattle) has an activist suggestion. (Note: for a few years there’s been talk of Seattle municipal broadband: since the days of the Dot-Com crash, Seattle has been fiber-optic wired and no one is using it; every mayoral election consists of candidates talking about it and concludes with Comcast buying their silence once elected. Mayor-elect Jenny Durkin will probably follow suit; she barely talked about it during the campaign.)
  • Not local, but the always great to read David Atkins at the Washington Monthly has a good explainer up on why we should care. Atkins also is on the make-it-a-public-utility bandwagon.

You can use the Activist Tab (above) and contact your federal representatives. Net Neutrality really should be set in law and not a regulation that can be upheaved at a whim.

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