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The War on Christmas Continues!!1!

Potato slop maven and grifter extraordinaire Jim Bakker has a new line to hawk for the holidays, er, Christmas, check out the chyron. But aside from that, he tells us that saying “Merry Christmas” was illegal just a few years ago, and now it ain’t (the most applause I’ve heard yet on his shows ensues and the implication: thanks to Trump and thanks Xristian Xrazies for making it happen) — except: IT NEVER WAS ILLEGAL.

Jeebus, Jim, how many times do we have to explain the First Amendment to you?

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5 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. osirisopto says:

    Petunia ain’t looking so good thees days.

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  2. Jeebus Jim the Potato Slopper. That’s a good MPS name methinks…


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Damnit, can’t they wait until after Thanksgiving to start their War on Christmas crap? I deplore the commercialization of the War on Christmas!

    Actually, the one thing these grifters have is commercialization.


  4. paul fredine says:

    aaaaaand the race is on as to who can be the most outraged at the supposed war on christmas.
    btw, at one point christmas as we know it was an illegal celebration, and you know who was behind it? the holier than thou puritans beginning in 1639 who considered it a time of wasteful and immoral behavior. it wasn’t until 1839 when alabama became the first state to recognize christmas as an official holiday and in 1870 it became a federal holiday.


  5. Jim says:

    Someone should tell the Potato Slopper that those Christmas trees behind him were originally pagan German symbols. Not Xristian at all. The shame!!!


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