4th and 40, Hannity Punts!

It’s not the size of the gun…

Might have to take back the Claim Chowder from yesterday:

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore published an open letter to Sean Hannity on Wednesday night pushing back against allegations of sexual abuse that have placed his campaign at the center of a national firestorm and prompted prominent members of the Republican Party to call on Moore to withdraw from the race….

Hannity responded to Moore’s letter at the end of his Wednesday night program and said that the allegations against Moore “are beyond disturbing and serious.”

But Hannity declined to drop his support for Moore, suggesting additional time and information is needed to render a decision. He ended his television show saying the decision ultimately lies with the people of Alabama and should not be decided by him or other conservative or Republican leaders.

“I am very confident that when everything comes out, they will make the best decision for their state,” he said.

Shorter Hannity: “On the count of 3 go to bed or get a spanking. One, Two, Two and a half, Two and three-quarters…”

He’s the dad who never makes it to three.

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4 Responses to 4th and 40, Hannity Punts!

  1. osirisopto says:

    He’s strict originalist…

    Next years will we see a slaver from Mississippi run for congress.


  2. ming says:

    Feels like the GOP is approaching the suck it up and close ranks part of this drama. It gets easier after the first couple of times.


  3. roket says:

    Principled republicans are a hoot.


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