Your Claim Chowder is Served

Sean Hannity

Hey guys, remember the other day when I bet that lantern-jawed fraud and noted torture enthusiast Sean Hannity was going to, um, change his Roy Moore Dance Card, what with his advertisers fleeing the stench of Pedophilia enablers and whatnot?

Someone owes me some Quatloos:

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19 Responses to Your Claim Chowder is Served

  1. Hannity don’t know much, but he knows he likes getting paid. Back to Clinton Conspiracies it is.


  2. And all his followers are staring at their smashed coffee machines, now that the adrenaline and ragegasms have subsided and are like ‘fuckidonow’…

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  3. Osirisopto says:

    10,000 Quatlos deposited in the First Nat’l Bank of Regulus 7.


  4. Osirisopto says:

    But he still has Coach Dave


  5. ming says:

    Won’t be the first time I’ve been wrong, but I’ll wait to make the deposit until the Dixie Diddler drops out. The RNC bailed on him so could be as early as tomorrow. However, if he manages to make it through the next couple of days, the fundadelicals will close ranks and the GOP will suck it up to preserve the status quo. The only thing against him is that he lacks the fucked-up charisma of Cheeto Benito. I look forward to being wrong on this one. Will you accept a check?


  6. DrakStar says:

    Once again the party of family values and personal responsibility gauges which way the monetary wind is blowing before tacking in that direction. The fact that this time it just so happens to be blowing in the direction of decency is purely a coincidence.


  7. roket says:

    Sometimes, popping a pimple leaves a mark. Oh, look! Hannity has a new scar on the tippy tip of his nose.


  8. paul fredine says:

    it’s hard to stand on your principles when you have a spine like a limp noodle and the prospect of losing your livelihood (those advertiser jumping ship just can’t be ignored) becomes too hard to bear. after all, moore’s no trump and he’s easier to stab in the back when it suits you.


  9. 9thousandfeet says:

    Someone owes me some Quatloos:

    Um, that would be true if anyone had taken the bet.

    You know I love you guys, but dammit, you’re running a crooked casino here. You’re demanding payment for bets not taken, and ignoring paying out on those that were taken which you lost spectacularly. (medium rare, sautéed mushrooms, pommes frites, just to refresh teh selective memory syndrome that now seems to be contagious.)

    And don’t go all Sessionsesque on me with “I have no memory of any such thing” you little rascal. That won’t wash, and you better hope I don’t have tapes, by god!



  10. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Your sex clam chowder is served!


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