Your Morning Keurig

Drowning Man Swims to Sinking Ship

“Waterboard me for charity? I never said that!”

Sean Hannity is fighting to repair the good name of the alleged child molester Roy Moore.

It’s a tough job, but Hannity is gonna do it.

Hannity’s advertisers usually stick with him through thick and thin, as Seth Rich can attest, and one can argue that when you buy time on Hannity’s show you already know that you are supporting an apparatchik who will say/do anything for the Party. It’s part of why they buy time on the show, in fact.

But for some advertisers, having their products shown immediately after a (ahem) rousing defense of child molesting is not exactly what they had in mind, and so quite a few have decided that they will take their ads elsewhere, including Keurig.

But this is new:

Hannity is promoting and amplifying his orcs and mouthbreathers as they protest his former advertisers. We should note that Keurig continues (for now) advertising on Fox News. I’m sure this will endear them to the channel.

We’ve seen this show before. Glenn Beck was down to just a few advertisers when his show went dark, and History’s Greatest Reporter Bill-O had advertisers fleeing like the proverbial rats on a ship.

In the final analysis, Fox is a bidness. I’m betting some serious Quatloos that Hannity is going to suddenly tone it down. Rupert is not going to fire him, at least not yet, but I think even FNC doesn’t want to be the preferred channel of child molesters (or alleged child molesters) and they absolutely do not want to be seen as being hostile to their advertisers.

And all of this is bad news for alleged child molester Roy Moore. He’s gonna lose Hannity as his safe port in the storm (probably this week).

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15 Responses to Your Morning Keurig

  1. My friend mikey always says, when this shit happens, that it is all tribalism. Keurig is more evil for changing their advertising allocation, than the man who actually diddled kiddies….a second degree sexual assault under Alabama law, regardless of whatever kind of coerced consent and arm-twisted mother approval he got.


  2. I’m sure Keurig is crushed, CRUSHED by him buying 500 coffee-ripoff machines to smash in protest of them leaving the show. Even the cheapest one at Walmart is $50…sp mannatee is spending $25K of his own pocket change to complain.

    (of course Faux Snooze is buying them as a show-related expense, then deducting them as a business expense)


  3. These idiots are CONVINCED that liberals are offended by videos of them breaking their own shit, that they paid for. It’s like that guy a few years back, who protested a day of turning lights off, by turning on ALL his lights and running ALL his electrical devices. AND, of course, paying for doing so….

    Hey morons: we’re laughing at you. LAUGHING.

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    • Bruce388 says:

      I like the Diesel truck owners who modify their engines to spew black smoke to show their contempt of Obama/Dems/Rational people. Enjoy the stink, assholes.


    • tengrain says:

      I’m old enough to remember when Patriotic Republicans were buying expensive French wines and then pouring them the gutters.

      Freedom Fries, anyone?

      Republicans are supposed to be so good with money? That wasn’t even good symbolism.




    • Osirisopto says:

      You would be surprised how offended I would be if they drove their cars Into the river.


  4. tommyspoon says:


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  5. Art says:

    I really don’t care for Kueirg simply because it is a bulky, counter-top dominating, system that produces tiny quantities of moderately good coffee at a high cost per cup in terms of money and non-recyclable plastic/foil/cardboard trash. A single cup of coffee doesn’t do it for me. I drink drip (higher caffeine) coffee strong, black, and by the pot. It isn’t a perfect coffee machine. It has a lot of things wrong with it in conception and design. But some people seem to like the system. There is no accounting for taste.

    The one thing I refuse to criticize Kuerig for is withdrawing from sponsoring a multi-millionaire’s show while he defends and excuses a man facing entirely credible accusations of child molestation coming from multiple unconnected sources.

    Besides, it really does scan. The number of times histrionic moral scolds have later been revealed to be moral lepers is so great that it has become a thing. Moore would be just one more in a very long line of moral failures.


  6. Osirisopto says:

    I just watched one of the videos.

    These people seem to be really, really upset, and remarkably stupid.

    Someone should warn the local authorities of their passionate support of child molestation.


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