Activism: Saving the ACA: Using Your Opponents Strength Against Them.

From dKos…

Jimmy Kimmel is a Genius. Boosts Sign Ups for Trumpcare at

In this era of fake news where right-wingers insist on taking marching orders from Russian trolls, Jimmy Kimmel turned all of their gullibility and stupidity on their little ditto heads.  He recently launched a campaign that, as you will see, has been immensely successful.

During his opening monologue, he praised Trump for the new plan that Trump administers, which starts Nov 1 and ends Dec. 15:  the open enrollment period for Trumpcare.

FINALLY, no more government control of healthcare. These are private insurance companies which deliver Trumpcare, and they now offer the following benefits:

  • It covers pre-existing conditions
  • It has no lifetime caps
  • Your kids can stay on it
  • It caps administrative fees for overhead
  • It is VERY affordable for people making under 50K a year

He even made a video with Donald Trump himself to support Trumpcare.

Sure call it Trumpcare, hell call if Bubbacare. Tell people anything they want to hear if it means saving the ONLY national health plan available to us.



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2 Responses to Activism: Saving the ACA: Using Your Opponents Strength Against Them.

  1. moeman says:

    ‘hell call if Bubbacare’

    Some typos are the best typos. Now I am assuming (I know what it can mean) ‘if’ could/should be ‘it’ but it fits.

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  2. Ed says:

    Sincere wishes to Mr. Kimmel for a happy 50th birthday today, 11-13.
    Welcome to the Half Century Club


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