Roy Moore is Piloting the Kobayashi Maru

It’s not the size of the gun…

Alleged child molester Roy Moore is drifting the Republican’s  Kobayashi Maru (the unwinnable scenario) into Klingon territory, giving the ENTIRE Republican party the test to see the nature of their own character under stress.

It’s not pretty.

We turn to Newsweek who tells us  that the Alabama GOP is trying to find a way to postpone the election:

Now, some in the GOP are determined to push Moore out of the Alabama race, however they can. Sources briefed on deliberations among those in Washington said that pushing the election date was one of several ideas, along with the possibility of endorsing a write-in candidate.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is considering postponing the Senate election, which is something that the Alabama state constitution allows her to do. Who knew?

In the official weasel-speak, this gives Moore some time to resolve his situation, but what a coinky-dink! If  the election is pushed out for  76 days, that’s the magic number needed for Roy Moore to drop outta the race, presumably to spend more time babysitting.

Governor Ivey is reportedly considering a delay, but wants to ensure support from President Donald Trump before doing so. She has been in touch with Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff.

We assume that she called the Fourth Reich to ask the Pussygrabber to condemn and demand Roy Moore’s tiny pistol on a platter, and good luck with that. I like the idea that she would go through moral scold and noted misogynist Mike Pence’s office to get at Comrade Stupid. So if Pence doesn’t intervene, it’s the Kobayashi Maru for him!

Whatever Trump would tweet out to convince Moore to drop out would blow-up in his orange face, especially if Comrade Stupid says something about the sexual harassment allegations: “I know you are but what am I,” Roy Moore could tweet back. So a first class Kobayashi Maru ticket for Trump.

So, if Gov. Ivey changes the date, Moore could go to court and argue that (some) voters have already cast their absentee ballots; the state can’t change the rules of the election while it is in progress, and even though the jurists in his state LOATHE him, he might win that argument. Kobayashi Maru for Ivey!

But here is where the rubber meets the road:

Ivey has already rescheduled the Senate race once before, after taking office in April as the replacement for Governor Robert Bentley, who stepped down following a sex and corruption scandal.

Luther Strange lost the special election because Alabama voters saw him as a swamp thing, who dropped the investigation into Bentley’s sex scandal when Bentley offered him the seat that used to belong to Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III. So this puts Gov. Ivy in the Kobayashi Maru, too: she will look like she’s trying to force an outcome.

No matter what, Republicans have bad choices, all of which are first class tickets on the Kobayashi Maru.

Cancel the election.

By definition, any idea of Hugh Hewitt’s (“a cyborg sent from the future to destroy us” — Driftglass) is a bad idea. Remember, the man is so rotten that he got kicked out of the Nixon Library leadership.

Allow the election to proceed, support Moore.

Moore is the bucket of concrete around the around the feet of the entire GOP. If he wins, Republicans will be tied at the hip to a nutty theocrat and (alleged) child molester.

Drop support for Moore and give the election to the Democrat.

Their precious tax cuts for billionaires would be doomed.

Identify an alternate candidate for a write-in campaign.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski floated this idea, and hysterically suggested that Luther Strange try this. Would writing in Luther Strange fail? See above.

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13 Responses to Roy Moore is Piloting the Kobayashi Maru

  1. sleeve98 says:

    Weird to see that you and Atkins showed up to the dance today wearing the same dress. It’s encouraging, though, that the two analyses rendered the same assessment: that the GOP is screwed no matter what they do. But given Republicans’ propensity to say “fuck the rules” (see Garland, Merrick) and dare anyone to call them out on it (consequences? Never heard of ’em!), the fall of House Harkonnen is not as assured as we’d like to think. Remember these really are the fcking mole people. That they’re in power at all with an ‘(R)’ behind their names belies their complete lack of respect for such hippie notions as ‘laws,’ or ‘norms’ or ‘respect for their own constituents’ – it’s *how* they were elected, after all.

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  2. Redhand says:

    the state can’t change the rules of the election while it is in progress, ***

    “You broke it, you bought it,” you assholes. Now please go writhe and expire in your own excrement.

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  3. A.J. says:

    Governor Ivey is reportedly considering a delay, but wants to ensure support from President Donald Trump before doing so.”

    Then Moore is in. Bannon has Trump’s ear on this and he will be screaming for Moore.

    My guess. Always good to see the Reich eating their own.


    • tengrain says:

      Thanks again, Moeman: I notified the next person doing the Round-Up and Crooks & Liars. I hope that they use it.




    • osirisopto says:

      If it were their daughter they would do it in an instant, for the good of the family.

      Google “honor killing” then “right to life” then consider what concept of morality is expedient for the fundies today

      I’ll save you the trouble – axolotl tanks are machines, not people.


  4. It’s Alabama. A Christian Loony Republican has a built in 15 point advantage.

    Now, given this perfect storm of Candidate Shit, I see several factors: There are a few Republicans (I am told!) that have a vestigial moral compass, who might be inspired to vote against a kiddy-diddler, even a Saved one.

    There are probably more who will decide to stay home in disgust, when faced with a choice of voting for a kiddy diddler or a Democrat who prosecuted the KKK.

    The Democrats will see a surge of enthusiasm, continuing the Trump Bump.

    Opposing this all, of course, are the Cross Occupants, who continue to refuse to get off no matter HOW MUCH someone needs the wood, who will see this as an attack on God’s Own Party and their tight-sphinctered religion and besides, those girls were sluts who didn’t have phones in their rooms (don’t look for that, the stupid is lethal).

    So at the finish line, will the three top events outweigh the natural R+ and the bottom insanity? I am not confident. It’s Alabammy, Jake. And they is demons sluts sent by SATAN:


  5. MODERATION!!!! Slowly, I turned….


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