News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Long-time conspiracy theorist Cliff Kincaid is going to have a Little Kremlin-On-The-Potomac conspiracy theory conference at the National Press Club on… wait for it… CONSPIRACY!!1!

The public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. headed by veteran journalist and media critic Cliff Kincaid, is holding a conference on Russia-gate on Friday, November 10, at the National Press Club, with an emphasis on the role being played by former President Obama.

“The Obama name is being put on schools, streets, and highways across the United States, while President Trump and his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, are fighting off charges from the left and right of being Russian agents,” Kincaid notes. “Our conference will change the focus back to Obama.”

The event will examine the Russian connections of the former president, who has mostly escaped scrutiny in the scandal but is re-emerging as the head of the Democratic Party and a major figure on the global scene.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert will discuss new research on Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor and father figure, while analyst Trevor Loudon will examine Obama’s plans to return the Democratic Party to national prominence through the Marxist-oriented “Brown is the New White” strategy of diminishing the power of conservative voters.


Previously, you may recall Kincaid insisted that Comrade Stupid is not the one with deep ties to the Kremlin, but the Kenyan is!  Kincaid also told us that the investigation into the Comrade Preznint Stupid’s 2016 Goat Rodeo run is only an effort to conceal the Kenyan’s nefarious master plan argle bargle derp-derp:

“The rationale for going after Trump as a Russian agent was a clever maneuver on the part of Obama, Hillary, and their Russian backers. The Russians did not want their influence operations in the Obama Administration exposed.”

The Kenyan’s plan was so clever that Clinton lost, and all the branches of government are controlled by Wingnuttia! That diabolical bastard!

The End.

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  1. Karla says:

    “Filmmaker Joel Gilbert will discuss new research on Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor and father figure, …”
    Wait, I thought Saul Alinksy was Obama’s mentor and father figure. No wait, Bill Ayers was. Or maybe it was Jeremiah Wright. Oh I am so confused.


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