About Last Night… (UPDATED)

Dump Trump (ITMFA!)

Short version: Team Donkey gave Team Elephant the blues.

By now, everyone knows that last night was a big night for the Dims, and a bad night for ex-Preznint Bannon and Preznint Stupid. There is no doubt that the outcome in Virginia was a pimp-slap of Trump.

One) Ed Gillespie ran as Hair Führer’s mini-me and was beaten like a red-headed stepchild on a rented mule. Ralph Northam walloped race-baiting Ed Gillespie, 53.7% to 45.1%.

And b) 50% of voters interviewed in exit polls said that they wanted to send a message to Preznint Stupid.

And I might add:

…and some additional food for thought:

And Preznint Stupid said, essentially, “Luke I am Your Father,” er, “I’ll be back, Asshole,” um,  oh well, read it yourself:

…to which one lone spitballer replied:

Ex-Preznint Bannon, after endorsing and pushing Gillespie onto his orcs and mouth-breathers,  on the website named after the dead guy headlined the loss (and I kid you not): “Republican Swamp Thing Ed Gillespie Rejected” (No link for obvious reasons.)

So both the vulgar yam and his brain threw their candidate under the bus when he lost.

A fair number of bad pundits tried to brush VA off as changing demographics, but:

So what lessons can we deduce, Holmes-like: whatever political capital Comrade Preznint has is shrinking.

  • If you cozy up to Hair Führer and lose, he will throw you under the bus
  • So will ex-Preznint Bannon
  • Embracing Trump-style fascism/racism/yammism doesn’t work in purple states (and is a death wish in blue states)
  • Hair Führer’s endorsement doesn’t matter in purple states
  • Ex-Preznint Bannon’s endorsement doesn’t matter, either
  • Comrade Stupid’s help in the campaign doesn’t matter in red states (talk to ex-Senator Luther Strange for details)
  • Ex-Prznint Bannon’s help probably doesn’t matter (talk to ex-Senator Luther Strange for details on how he got his appointment)

His only weapon is his unique ability to start Twitter fights.

And we will give the last word to Chris Cillizza, as is our custom:

The Pantheon of Dunces has a new bust.

UPDATE 1: Tiger Beat morning email thingie:

THE BIG PICTURE — BIG NIGHT FOR DEMOCRATS — Democrats won the governor’s mansions in New Jersey and Virginia. DAVE WASSERMAN (@redistrict) says that “raw votes cast” in Virginia were up 16% from 2013. Charlottesville was up 31%. Maine voted to expand Medicaid. Manchester, New Hampshire had its highest turnout this decade and elected a Democrat to its mayorship for the first time in 14 years.

UPDATE 2: Also Tiger Beat:

In the last 24 hours a pair of House Republicans retired: NEW JERSEY REP. FRANK LOBIONDO andTEXAS REP. TED POE. Several sources have told us there are likely to be more departures. Other lawmakers we hear could announce they will not seek reelection to their House seat: REP. BOB GOODLATTE, the Virginia Republican who is term limited atop the Judiciary Committee, and REP. MARTHA MCSALLY (R-ARIZ.), who is likely to run for a Senate seat. Goodlatte’s office did not respond to a request for comment, and McSally’s office did not have a comment.

UPDATE 3: Tiger Beat:

“This one was for Donald Trump. Exit polls revealed an unmistakable anti-Trump backlash Tuesday, as Democrats won resounding victories in governors races in Virginia and New Jersey. Majorities of voters in both states disapproved of the job Trump is doing as president, with significant numbers of voters in each state saying Trump was a reason for their vote. And far more of those voters said they made their choice to oppose Trump than to support him. … [W]hat is unusual about Tuesday night is the extent to which the two races were about Trump. And the stark results cast fresh doubt on the health of Republican majorities in the House and Senate, in addition to gubernatorial races in next year’s midterm elections.”

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7 Responses to About Last Night… (UPDATED)

  1. ming says:

    I mad a round of all of the major national news sites this morning. The election results were the lead story for all except for Faux News which had virtually nothing about it.


  2. It’s gonna be fun watching Martha ‘lets get this fucking thing done’ McSally and Chemtrails Kelly savage each other in the Gooper primary, egged on by the Yam and his minions.

    We might end up with a D senator for the first time in decades (go Kyrsten SInema! http://kyrstensinema.com ). Also too, this blows up the CD2 race all to hell. A huge chunk of CD2 is Tucson, and the only GOP candidate in last nights city council the race was smackered 60-30. Dims be piiiiiisssed, and we’re gonna take it out on any R around. We might turn this one blue again.

    (then again the Tucson GOP is so freaking incompetent, they were unable to muster a mayoral candidate onto the ballot last time, because they couldn’t get together the 1000 or so signatures to get on the ballot. In a city of 600K people…)

    Governor Il Deuce ought watch his ass, because if we can crank the turnout in AZ next year, like VA did Gillespie ain’t the only GOP gov candidate gonna be beaten like that … and we have TWO excellent D candidates running against him.

    It feels good to put up a big W for once.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The best thing about the election was the number of women, people of color, and LGBTQ candidates who won.

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Isn’t it nice that GOP is SOOOOO screwed up that even the Dims can beat them?


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