Updated: Activism: Saving the ACA: Saving Ourselves

Fight as though your life depended on, because it does.

From DailyKos…

Help your friends, family, neighbors resist Trump: Sign them up for Obamacare


Spread the word.

Find someone to take by the hand and help them.

It’s our turn.



Update: Obamacare signups hit new high.


I’m a happy camper.

Trumps a crappy tramper.

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4 Responses to Updated: Activism: Saving the ACA: Saving Ourselves

  1. Osirisopto says:


    Obamacare signups hit new high.

    I’m a happy camper.

    Trumps a crappy tramper.


    • tengrain says:

      I was on a group chat last night, virtually everyone had signed up, and I sent your post to those few who had not, O.

      Many thanks, as always, for a not-not easy job well done!



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      • osirisopto says:

        Thank, TG. I knew I could do it. 😛

        Seriously, I wonder if any of the R’s who have been hoping Trump would undermine the ACA have any idea of how screwed they really are. Thanks to the ACA they either have to hand the D’s the election on a silver platter, or go back on their one and only campaign promise.

        Let’s see how thoroughly the DLC can screw it up.


  2. kathywompus says:

    I signed up 11/2. Straight renewal was up $150/mo. Was greeted by a cheerful $9600/yr. up front. Changed plans, raising the deductible by $500 to $3000 (which I never come close to), the higher co-pays should be about $100/yr and I get to pay the same $650/mo. as this year. Yippee!

    The all important Out-of-pocket Maximum is $6550. (After the $7800, up front!)

    People don’t seem to realize that without insurance, your Out-of-Pocket maximum is literally EVERYTHING YOU OWN (excuse the caps :)) I won’t risk that.

    Yesterday’s Blue surge gives me hope. Hoping for the big wave in 2018!


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