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Every now and then I find some posts that I think are important to read in full. Here’s a couple for today. Pour yourself another mug of covfefe and immerse yourself:

  • Vox: America is facing an epistemic crisis Here’s the short version: what if Mueller can prove 100% that Trump and/or his campaign colluded with Russia and it doesn’t matter? It’s speculation, but it is chilling reading. The objective truth doesn’t matter to Republicans is really what the article is saying.
  • Washington Monthly: The Case for Pre-Emptive Impeachment There’s a quote near the end that I like a lot:

Massachusetts Governor William Weld, who worked with that committee during its impeachment inquiry into Richard Nixon in 1974, observed:

The remedy of impeachment is to remove the officeholder. Get the worm out of the apple. It’s a prophylactic remedy, it is not punitive.

  • I’ve been thinking about this a lot since reading that Nancy Pelosi once again is saying that impeachment is off the table. I understand what she is saying, but I don’t think that the stupid DNC has a good message with their lame “Better Deal” plan. She might be a brilliant legislator, but she is not a good strategist. Berate me in the comments.
  • Driftglass and Bluegal talked about Tom Steyer’s multi-million dollar ad campaign on their Professional Left Podcast last night (episode 431), and they make a good point that the $10M Ameros spent on an the impeachment ad campaign could be better spent organizing voters on the left, supporting candidates, countering the right wing media machine, etc.
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  1. The objective truth doesn’t matter to Republicans is really what the article is saying.

    Lemme see where I can file that valuable piece of information.., A-C, D-F, G-I, J-L, M, N, flip flip flip Na, Ni, No, ahhh here it is: “No Shit, Sherlock

    Been that way since 1980 at the least…

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  2. M. Bouffant says:

    I did read someone somewhere (a RWNJ, but ..) saying that Steyer’s just assembling a big e-mailing list. That petition won’t do anything else useful.

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  3. Nancy is seeing the longer view, I think. Impeach Trump, we get President Pence. Impeach both we get instant constitutional crisis the R’s will use to retake everything in 2020.

    2020 is a double plus MUST WIN! year for Dems. The basis of our entire present is the catastrophic showing the D’s made running away from the ACA and Obama in 2010, handing over statehouse after statehouse to the R’s who promptly gerrymandered themselves into permanent status. We lost the House, the Senate was razor thin. and the GOP was able to grind Obama to a halt.

    If we lose in 2020, my deeply pessimistic take is that democracy in this country is essentially over. We become a one-party, neo-feudal corporate oligarchy. For god’s sake, look where we are now.

    LITERAL NAZIs are marching in the streets with the full support and protection of law enforcement and the highest officials of the GOP.

    We have a president EXPLICITLY saying that ‘He is the state’, and angrily wishing he could simply sic the Justice Department on his political enemies.

    His party has abandoned any pretense to a philosophy other than ‘Attain Power’.

    The ONLY coherent governing policy of the GOP remains HULK SMASH, wrecking the institutions of the federal government, wrecking the institutions of the various states, telling the citizens, “Fuck you, you’re on your own!”

    Their aim is to grind down the citizens faith that the government country represents their interests, until they’re willing serfs. Their wager is that they can do it while keeping us so divided we won’t revolt.

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  4. AuroraS says:

    The link for the Pelosi article appears to be broken.

    I’ve been screaming about this for a while (and I was about ready to go shit in my hat for it), but after reading Tiger Beat On The Potomac’s piece on John Boehner (https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/10/29/john-boehner-trump-house-republican-party-retirement-profile-feature-215741), I’ve come back around to it: the Republican Party is imploding. It’s not happening as fast as any of us would like, but the most glaring indicator of this is that there was a time in the not-so-distant past in which the GOP would’ve never in a million years let 12+ candidates throw their hat in the ring to compete in the Goat Rodeo. Another indication of this is the fact that despite having the entire US government in their grasp, they cannot get a single thing done. The *only* unifying factor in the entire party was opposing Obama at all costs, which, looking back on it, was really only grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. The guys with seniority wanted to hunker down and keep their jobs. It worked, and it made them look like they had it together.

    Now that Obama’s out of office and they have what they thought they wanted, they don’t have a focus. They’ve hitched their wagon to a barely-literate melodramatic unhinged maniac because they are desperate as fuck. They would’ve embraced a ham fucking sandwich if it won the nomination. They look like a bunch of flaccid dicks. Will the Dems exploit the living fuck out of this? I think Schumer and Pelosi have already started.

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    • Another indication of this is the fact that despite having the entire US government in their grasp, they cannot get a single thing done.

      They’re appointing neo-confederate white supremacist ‘federalist society’ judges at a rapid clip. They’re wrecking the State Department. They’re wrecking the EPA. They’re wrecking HUD. They’re wrecking HHS. Hell HHS no longer even has a Secretary, and there’s no hurry to replace Price. The KKKeebler Elf is busy turning Justice into a vehicle for Trump’s vengeance on the Blue states. They’re turning ICE into the feeder for private prisons: ethnic cleansing for profit.

      They can’t get their Big Show laws passed, but I’m half convinced that they are perfectly aware it’s just for show. Their real agenda is demolishing self-government in favor of corporate oligarchs.

      HULK SMASH!!! democracy.


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