Puerto Rico and Disaster Capitalism

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You don’t have to be a trained journalist to see that what is happening with Puerto Rico’s electrical grid and Whitefish Energy is another example of disaster capitalism.

I think we are looking at it with too fine a lens trying to find who in the Trump Administration is profiting from this scandal at this moment. The real profit will come later.

Let’s review.

Prior to the hurricane(s) that knocked out the electricity for the island, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) was publicly owned and managed, and like much of America’s infrastructure, it was not well maintained. Presumably because PREPA has no profit motive the rates were low or at least reasonable, and the island’s citizens generally satisfied that they were getting the services for which they paid.

And now, we flash forward after the hurricane and to tiny, previously unknown Whitefish Energy getting a mysterious $300M Amero, no-bid contract to restore the power to Puerto Rico. Let’s examine what we know about the contract:

Got that?

“…in no event shall PREPA, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the FEMA administrator, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their authorized representatives have the right to audit or review the cost and profit elements of the labor rates specified” in the contract.”

When you look at the document embedded in the Tweet you’ll see that the contract also says that the Puerto Rican government “waives any claim against [Whitefish] related to delayed completion of work.”

This is a license to rip off Puerto Rico. There’s no transparency, no oversight, no review, and no consequences if the power never comes back on. This isn’t a flaw, this is the plan, and that’s why Whitefish won a no-bid contract: someone needed a fuck-up who absolutely cannot complete the work.

This contract is designed to bankrupt PREPA and will necessitate a fire sale. And let’s just say that that is going to be the real prize, not some piddly $300M Amero contract.

Anyone want to bet some Quatloos on this?

Some quick items for our inner conspiracy theorists:

  • Comrade Stupid and the governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló seem to be the best of pals. At least lately.
  • Whitefish is the Montana hometown of Interior Secretary (and flag enthusiast) Ryan Zinke.
  • Whitefish Energy has as a primary investor, Joe Colonnetta, who is a major Trump supporter and donor.
  • Whitefish Energy reportedly has only 2 full-time employees.
  • Whitefish Energy has never had a job of this scale, it has no track record to justify the contract award.
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6 Responses to Puerto Rico and Disaster Capitalism

  1. Condi says:

    OJT; it’s the ‘murikan way!


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Goopers are showing their love for small businesses.


  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Day after day, you’re getting used
    I can find profit in a hurricane
    I know that con game and I hate to loose
    PR’s feelin’ the strain, but I still gain
    Oh, give me the check boys I’ve sold my soul
    I want you lost in my tweet ‘n’ troll while I grift away
    Oh, give me the check boys I’ve sold my soul
    I want you lost in my tweet ‘n’ troll while I grift away
    I need my base to hold the line
    tho’ they understand the things I do
    The fake media is so unkind
    So I’m countin’ on Brietbart to carry me through
    Oh, give me the check boys I’ve sold my soul
    I want you lost in my tweet ‘n’ troll while I grift away
    Oh, give me the check boys I’ve sold my soul
    I want you lost in my tweet ‘n’ troll while I grift away


  4. whitefish is now fired. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is setting up solar grids to power hospitals. And Trump golfs. Even Nero is saying “Really, dude?”


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