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Road Trip!

“No time for blogging,” as our good simian friend Dr. Zaius used to say (before his bloggy went dark). I’m heading out for a few days so posting might be lighter (and less filling!) than usual.

In the meanwhile, here’s some really great posts you might want to consider:

  • WILL WE EVER RETURN TO NORMAL AFTER TRUMP? Vanity Fair’s great master of style, James Wolcott is at the peak of his midseason form, and suggests we start preparing NOW for a post-shitgibbon world. He doesn’t say it, but think Nuremberg-like trials.
  • BENGHAZI, WEINSTEIN, AND THE WAGES OF FAKE OUTRAGE Brian Buetler has landed as the editor-in-chief at a new media company that looks promising. This post encapsulates what I think a lot of us are wondering:
    is the Niger ambush a real scandal?
  • The Blogroll – I don’t call it out enough, but some of the finest writing and thinking on the innernets are linked in the blogroll every day. Click away, each and every blog there is a winner! Even the ones that have gone dark…
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4 Responses to Good Reads

  1. I really miss Dr Zaius. I truly do.


  2. Blue Gal says:

    I’m here to say I miss Dr. Zaius too! HI FRAN! Old skool blogger reunion for the win! xoxo

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  3. sleeve98 says:

    Wolcott said something pretty profound, I think:

    . . . “…One of the handicaps of the liberal mind-set
    . . . is this overrating of pop culture and brand-name
    . . . clout, this celebrating of feminist gestures and political
    . . . provocations by big-name entertainers as if they
    . . . signified shifts in the Zeitgeist; meanwhile, the rollbacks
    . . . of reproductive rights and the degradations of the
    . . . underprivileged continue…”

    And THAT is why we’re mocked by the right – and why shouldn’t they, when they continue to “win?”

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