And Speaking of Grading on a Curve

This is insane:

“I totally changed rules of engagement. I totally changed our military, I totally changed the attitudes of the military and they have done a fantastic job,” Trump said on “The Chris Plante Show.” “ISIS is now giving up, they are giving up, there are raising their hands, they are walking off. Nobody has ever seen that before.”

When Plante asked why that hadn’t happened before, Trump took the bait.

“Because you didn’t have Trump as your president,” he said. “It was a big difference, there was a big, big difference if you look at the military now.”

The military had nothing to do with it, apparently. Just Commander Bunnypants, on his own.

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6 Responses to And Speaking of Grading on a Curve

  1. Fergawssakes it wasn’t even OUR military…it was the Iraqis and Kurds in Mosul and the Syrian rebels in Raqqa.

    He’s disintegrating more rapidly every day.

    This man has the nuclear launch codes. The only thing keeping this world alive are the willingness of US commanders to commit mutiny and refuse his orders.

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  2. Fake bone spurs are the secret to military success!

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    • Bruce388 says:

      “All right, men, our Leader couldn’t serve because of bone spurs. Let’s fight extra hard, take a bullet or two, so he can brag!”


  3. Feline Mama says:

    OMFG, “I, I, I, Me, Trump, Trump”. This man is Certifiable X 1000! It must get awful crowded in the bedroom & bathroom when all these Me, Myself, I’s & trump’s have to compete with each other for, whatever. So many voices, so little room.

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  4. roket says:

    Yeah right. Now go put some clothes on, nekkid emperor.

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