Activism: Saving the ACA: WIIFM

From The Hill…

Trump reverses course, indicates opposition to ObamaCare deal

President Trump on Wednesday suggested he will oppose a bipartisan deal to help stabilize ObamaCare, reversing comments he made one day earlier.

Trump wrote on Twitter that he was “supportive” of the deal’s architect, Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), as well as the Senate process, but said he would “never support bailing out” insurance companies, saying they “have made a fortune” under ObamaCare.
This just in… Water is wet, the sky is blue. I’m screwed, and so are you.
Who here thought Putin’s cock holster would support a deal with the D’s on health care? Let’s see a show of hands.
I’m counting that finger.
You know why he won’t support any deal with the D’s? 45 always asks one question: WIIFM?
Now if the D’s proposed creating Trumpcare where 45 would get paid for being the pitchman and get 7% of the proceeds…
Now we need to ask the same question – what’s in it for me?
The answer is: (barely) affordable health care, but only if we fight for it because in America life without misery, pain and unbearable and never-ending hardship is a privilege for the wealthy. The rest of us can die in the gutter.

A call to action:

Get on the phone and bitch about it to the people responsible, who are the only ones that have the power to change it.

Hammer your D and R Senators and Representatives with phone calls about paying the CSR’s.

  • Keyword: Protect my Obamacare

  • Keyword: Pay the CSR’s

  • Keyword: Remember the ballotbox

Please, make as many calls to each of your D and R senators and one to your D or R representative as you can today, tomorrow and every day.

Fight beside us. Fight for your life – make the calls.


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