Hell and High Water


OK, California Scissorheads, please check in. 400 Californians are missing and the firestorm is predicted to be worse today.

No snark: the recovered bodies so far have been burned beyond recognition. Last night while waiting for the movie to begin I read that the few that have been recovered were only able to be ID’ed by serial numbers on medical devices and hip replacements. Those Californians were essentially cremated alive.

The fire is moving way too fast. If you are ordered to evacuate, just get the eff outta there. Things are replaceable, you are irreplaceable to all of us.

As for the High Water: if you are a Puerto Rico Scissorhead, get to the mainland and vote those M-Fers outta office.

We need all hands on deck.

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12 Responses to PSA: GET OUT

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Thanks, TG. I’ve been living in the midst of this crisis, and if you’re ready for some good news, it’s the tremendous outpouring of love, caring, compassion & concern that I am witnessing on not just a daily but hourly basis. Evac centers are overwhelmed with both volunteers and donations of clothing, toiletries, blankets & towels, etc., etc.
    If any Scissorheads want to donate $$$ to help out, I have the addresses of the main businesses that are doing all they can to assist evacuees, and they are both exemplary in their caring for community: This is the Redwood Empire Food Bank, and they have been instrumental in collecting and dispersing food, both cooked and non-prepared comestibles, but they can always use funding to continue the great work they do.
    Another one is: This has been established by local gov’t. reps, the Credit Union, and several others, and 100% of donations will be dispersed to the victims of this calamity. Thanks for your care and support, and for allowing me to use this forum to spread the word.


  2. purplehead says:

    And the US Mail must go through! This is pretty surreal…


  3. Ten Bears says:

    I fear that’s the plan for Puerto Rico, run off the natives and build … something. Don’t seem to have quite wrapped their grubby little fingers around the statistical probability it’ll get wiped out again possibly before they finish.

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    • tengrain says:

      Disaster Capitalism occurred to me, too, Ten Bears. My guess is that will happen, but first Congress will have to return the PR tax breaks that companies used before to launder money. It’s never about the inhabitants.




  4. Kent Fossgreen says:

    That mail guy was following requests of the (former) residents to deliver mail if their boxes were still standing, as it turns out. Living through an actual natural disaster is a pretty surreal experience. The fire was stopped a mile from my house. Watched it burn down a canyon behind my house all Monday morning. A friend lived in the neighborhood where that video was filmed, just barely got out.


    • tengrain says:


      Kent, glad you made it, but damn!



      • Kent Fossgreen says:

        I definitely do not require any more of that kind of excitement. It’s been an interesting lesson in the dissemination of information in an emergency. Until some locals put up this site ( ) a couple of days ago, there was no clearinghouse site where you could find all the pertinent information. Local government sites were mostly marginally useful, and finding things like active fire maps was surprisingly hard. Lucky that we still have a locally programmed AM station that has dedicated its entire broadcast day to fire alerts and news, particularly important when a whole bunch of cell towers went down. 10 years ago or so we also had a local UHF TV station, but thanks to the FCC’s relaxation of ownership regulations that’s long gone, could have been really helpful. Sadly, a lot of people were reduced to using social media as their sole information source, and there was some good info there but also plenty of inaccurate hearsay, speculation and trollage.


  5. Ali Redford says:

    I so second this. We need everyone, please.


  6. Nora Daly says:

    We’re well away from the fires but the smoke is surreal!


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