American Exceptionalism: Dumpster Diving Eagle

It’s shocking to wake-up in the morning and see that the President of the United States is threatening a territory of the United States and US Citizens:

And of course, the tweet storm concludes with him being the REAL victim.

UPDATE 1: Maddow sums it up


*Impeach The M-Fer, Already

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6 Responses to UPDATED: ITMFA*

  1. roket says:

    What is with this fetish Comrade Preznint Stupid has with First Responders?


  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Trump Paper Towels – The Quicker F**ker-Upper!

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  3. osirisopto says:

    He thinks “demeaning” means to stop letting him be mean.


  4. purplehead says:


    ITMFA just donated another 100 grand to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and IRAP, 200 grand since January!

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  5. MADVargr says:

    The GOP are looking at high crimes and misdemeanors in the rearview mirror now. Hang them all for treason. There is literally no part of his oath he is upholding. He ignores the laws of this nation, it’s constitution, and his office’s responsibilities. He’s a traitor and so are every single Republican voter in the USA.


  6. Retiredeng says:

    The founders made a mistake in having impeachment in the hands of Congress. They should have assigned that duty to the people with a special election. With a simple majority of all the voters. No Electoral College!


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