Update x1: Activism: Saving the ACA: Make The Calls

You know this isn’t coming from the Trump admin. He’s got help.

That the help he’s getting isn’t visible is what scares me. Is it Ryan? the Koch’s? Putin?

From dKos…

Trump takes his rage out on Obamacare, again, with new executive orders

He’s got a three-bladed hatchet that he’s taking to the law, one that will make it easier for people to create “association health plans” and exempt those plans from some of the rules that apply to other plans. He’ll also extend the lifespan of already existing short-term medical insurance, low-cost plans that offer limited protection. Now they’re limited at three months but he’s likely to extend that to 12 months and make them renewable. Finally he’s expected to allow people to use accounts known as Health Reimbursement Accounts to pay for premiums. This would allow companies to use pre-tax dollars to help workers pay for premiums, not just other out-of-pocket costs.

The most consequential and damaging element of this is the AHP expansion, allowing small businesses, trade associations, and as-of-yet undefined others to group together to purchase health insurance that would be exempt from some of the existing Obamacare rules. Plans would be exempt from covering all of the essential health benefits now required, like prescription drug coverage, or maternity or mental health care. The plans would be much cheaper, pulling small business and other groups out of the Obamacare markets, leaving the sick people—and the ones who need more comprehensive coverage—in those markets, where premiums would get more and more expensive.

I would never have imagined the people and the Insurance Companies would ever be on the same side.

A call to action

Hammer your R’s Senators and Representatives with phone calls about paying the CSR’s.

Phone Calls Work!

  • Keyword: Protect my Obamacare
  • Keyword: Pay the CSR’s
  • Keyword: See you at townhall.

Please, make as many calls to each of your R senators and one to your R representative as you can today, tomorrow and every day.

Fight back.


Update x1:

Trump Signs TrumpCare Executive Order While Bragging That He Is ‘Ending Obamacare’

Everybody knows what’s going to happen next.

Phone Calls Work!

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  1. paul fredine says:

    he just can’t let a day pass without ratcheting up his disgusting level, and pretty much just because he’s a vile, petty person who keeps getting reminded that he will never EVER be the president or man that barack obama was and is. i have and hopefully never again will see a man who delights so much in the suffering of others, with the exception of paul ‘let the poor die’ ryan.


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