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We all became aware of what a vulgar man he is. This should have ended his 2016 Goat Rodeo run on that very same day.

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4 Responses to Today in History

  1. Bruce388 says:

    If the Bible-thumpers were sincere in their thumping, that would have been the end of his campaign. But here we are.

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  2. Lois Lussier says:

    How many times have you seen or read of the pastors of these ardent bible thumpers having extra marital affairs or even having their dowdy little women taken out so they could have those cute little lady that works in the church office? or been involved with prostitutes or caught viewing pornography on their computer? All the bible thumpers want is to get rid of Bomma Care promoted by that black guy and the ability to keep all their guns. Most of all we gotta stop those wimmin from having birth control and/or abortions cause they must be having sex or sumpin’, right?

    There is no point in trying to make sense out of what they think they believe in or how they think you should be living your life –cause that’s what they’re all about: making sure they have control over how the rest of us live. All hail Jeebus!


  3. w3ski4me says:

    It does bother me that the “Evangelicals”, just ‘forgot’ this. They see themselves as our ‘Betters’ and yet they went along with his despicable ways. They above all should have been solidly against tRump. Just goes to show how much they are Hypocrites in their “holier than thou” attitudes. I ‘was’ one once, till my earlier commonsense took over again. I still see the f/b posts of some I knew and as a group, but not all, they approve of the “Cheetolini”, mostly because he is against ‘abortion'(which makes me wonder how many times he has paid for abortions of his spawn) and because “someone” they respect tells them so. On woman was adamant in her view and quoted “Divorce-de-Sousa” as her source??? Good Grief, how could anyone believe that horseshit?


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