If you read just one long-form post today…

Keep punching!

…I nominate this one: Here’s How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream

It is super-long (and super-important), so if you want an executive summary Booman has the goods. Fair warning: if you read Booman’s piece first, you will want to read the long Buzzfeed article.

I’m still reeling. The thing that shocks me, probably most of all, is that the process Breitbart followed is fairly conventional (and reminds me a lot of my own career): after you write a draft, sending it out to subject-matter experts to fact check/comment, and incorporate comments and corrections before sending it out for a final review and on to the lawyers to ensure that no one is going to bring suit.

It just would never dawn on me to send anything out to such a long list of, well, Nazis and Nazi-wannabes and Nazi-sympathizers. It’s like a Bizarro World version of a best practice.

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  1. The narcotraficantes would love that smuggling was that easy, What Breitbart did was the equivalent of smuggling canned cocaine by scratching out the ‘a’ in the packing slip : “coc ine” and claiming it was canned french chicken….


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