How GOP Healthcare Might Come Back From The Abyss

Mitch McConnell: At your cervix, Madame!

The Republican Trickle-down Healthcare for Billionaires’ Tax Cuts (tagline: “When Billionaires have more money, we all feel better!”) might seem to be dead, but Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) alerts us to yet another third reel Jason Voorhees-style popping back to life:

“The supposedly hard deadline at the end of the month to repeal Obamacare might not be so hard after all. With their latest attempt to dismantle the health law on track to fail this week, GOP senators are already raising the prospect of going after it again with the same powerful tools that currently let them pass legislation with just 50 votes.

So… try it again with 2018’s reconciliation bill, in an election year, and by the calendar would be the end of the campaign season?

“There is nothing to suggest Obamacare repeal would get any easier in the coming months and doing so may significantly hobble the Republican majority’s other chief legislative priority: tax reform. But facing a floundering repeal push, wrath from the base and a frustrated President Donald Trump, Republicans may have no other choice but to keep pushing to uproot the law.

But wouldn’t it just be more/Moore madness? Um, what if amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell is such an undead Jason Voorhees-style monster hisself that he’s counting on:

  • Grandpa Walnuts not being in the Senate (dead! Dead! DEAD!!1!) and whoever his Arizonastan replacement being less principled? (unprincipled? From Arizona? That’s crazee talk, ‘Grain…)
  • Or what if one of the Dims is suddenly replaced with a Republican (I’m looking at you, Bob Menendez, as I am sure Gov. Chris Christie is, too).

Bank on it: this thing is not dead yet.

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3 Responses to How GOP Healthcare Might Come Back From The Abyss

  1. Osirisopto says:

    This may be the issue needed to mobilize the progressive base to stop staring into their teevee set, start running for office and voting to change it.

    Too bad the DLC is still selling us down the river. But it’s not because we didn’t try.


  2. JTO says:

    If they wait until next year, that the ACA is still on the books will be the Democrat’s fault . . . and the Republicans will use it to mobilize their small, but voting, base. In a midterm election, with low turnout anyway, the pasteeaters, rage uncles and actual nazis might still turn out. Where will the college kids be, the minorities and women?
    The Senate map, from what I have read, is not advantageous for Dems.


    • Jim says:

      If 2017 has been unpredictable, 2018 will be even more so. There were a lot of “no” votes on the GOP side that were not making any noise, including a lot of “moderate” Senators that are not up for election in 2018. Also, while Menendez is certainly in trouble, it is not a foregone conclusion that he will be convicted or thrown out of the Senate. Also, there is a slim possibility that, even if he is convicted, his lawyers may find grounds for an appeal that could take all the way into 2018 at which time Chris Crisco would no longer be governor and a decent possibility that a Democrat could be governor. As for Grandpa Walnuts, it’s not looking good that he will still be with us this time next year.


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