Breaking: Trump To Go To An Island In The Middle of An Ocean

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19 Responses to Breaking: Trump To Go To An Island In The Middle of An Ocean

  1. I’m just surprised he didn’t add “Not many people know that Puerto Rico is an island”….


  2. I’m surprised he’s not down there scouting locations for a presidential golf resort. Really, I am surprised he isn’t hawking golf balls with the presidential seal.


  3. Astute observation, Donald. Can we get Bannon to give him a cookie (laced with needless hatred) as a reward?


  4. Pupienus Maximus says:

    I swear I had nothing to do with this.

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  5. purplehead says:

    Gads, he is such a fucking ignorant twit.


  6. Feline Mama says:

    “WE’VE” worked very very hard in P.R.??!! WHAT! I haven’t read or heard any such “gloriousness” of which you speak Mein Fool. Tell me more, tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Make him go away, mommy.


  7. Pat Day says:

    Obviously…..Herr DumbenTrumph has never heard of BOATS!!!! Psst…..don’t tell the Navy about this!!


  8. Feline Mama says:

    Poor Dumkoff, sooo many people to help, sooo little time!! Uh, Texas is still awaiting your generous personal donation.for Harvey victims. They say they haven’t seen it. How did you send it snail mail, third class.


  9. Karla says:

    U.S. Virgin Islands? Buhler? Buhler?


  10. tommyspoon says:

    Hey, if the Wall Street assholes want to collect their PR debt, let them go there and take ownership of the island. Maybe they’ll even fix it up again so they can recoup their “investment”.



    • tengrain says:

      I’ll say it again: I have no problem with sending Trump to an island. It’s the return trip that bums me out. But Puerto Rico deserves better than having the vulgar talking yam sent their way.




  11. Jim says:

    President Stupid also referred a couple of times to “President” Rajoy and “the Foreign Minister”. Rajoy is the Spanish Prime Minister. Foreign stuff is HARD!!!


  12. Mr DeBakey says:

    “It’s very tough because it’s an island.” President Trump addresses crisis in Puerto Rico.”

    “Unlike no man” He didn’t add


  13. paul fredine says:

    ‘besides, there are too many people of color there and they can’t vote anyway so why bother’, he thought but didn’t say out loud.

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