If Obamacare is repealed, will you die, too?

[Ed. – Katie is one tough broad, and she means it when she tells us not to utter those two words. That said, make those calls, M-f’ers, and get this abomination defeated or Katie will haunt your ass and you know that she will!  Do you want to risk that? No, you do not!– TG]

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This needs to be couched by a sectional the size of Cleveland, because I will rip this post down faster than Trump’s tiny fingers rancorously spews hate on Twitter if I read, “Sorry, Katie,” or anything in the realm of sympathy, or empathy. Think of it this way, do you really want my forthcoming projectile vomiting on your hands? Do you want to see me walking the streets trying to score more Zofran than my insurance will cover?

Thank you.

I am one of millions of Americans who will be profoundly fucked if the Graham-Cassidy repeal happens. Though reluctant and against my better judgment, I feel it’s important for those of us with stories to spin our yarns.

Anyway, let’s do this.

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I have genetic Graves’ autoimmune disease (GD) and Graves’ Eye Disease (GED. I came within 3-weeks of losing my life to GD, due to repeated misdiagnoses and mistreatment. By the time I was treated, I had developed Thyroid Psychoses and Autoimmune Encephalitis. Post-diagnoses, the mistreatment continued. Endocrinologists are the corrupt accountants of medicine. Isn’t that fabulous?! A few years into proper treatment, I was diagnosed with genetic Malignant Melanoma (Stage-0). My mind, body and soul is a festoon of scars.

Adding to my shame buffet of issues now includes medical PTSD and anxiety. Preparing for a doctor’s appointment is the equivalent of watching a blue whale trapped in a fishing net, two quolls fucking, and mood swing Mary hanging herself from the closest noose she can fashion.


I have a psychiatrist (talk therapist) with a sub-specialty in autoimmune, an internist, also with a sub-specialty in autoimmune, three Graves’ ophthalmologists, an oncologist, dermatologist, a dentist whose practice includes several patients with Graves’, and a few other gist’s I’ve picked up along the way. There are also only two hospitals in my area that I can go to with doctors who have depth of understanding about GD and GED. My insurance must cover them.

Currently, my private insurance costs $601.65 a month, excluding my monthly out of pocket expenses which range from $1,500 to $2,500+ a month. Prior to Obamacare, I was paying twice the aforementioned amounts. The draconian Nazi and Nazi bill doesn’t cover pre-existing. Women will also pay more than men. Read the bill here.

I am drowning in medical expenses as it is. If I lose my health insurance or if it goes back up to $1,200 a month, I will die (clap, clap, clap—I know). Without thyroid medications, I’ll be dead in 8-12 weeks. Sans quarterly blood work and twice annual biopsies, and a host of other things that keep me healthy, I’ll be a memory (hopefully not a shitty one). Still. I want to peel out on my terms, not because of a handful of psychopaths in government.

As for my story, it’s nothing compared to what countless other Americans will lose. To me, Graham Cassidy is another form of genocide. The only thing that keeps my anxiety at bay is calling senators to beg them not to repeal the ACA.

On that note… Time to make more calls.

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5 Responses to If Obamacare is repealed, will you die, too?

  1. I think it’s appalling that America calls itself the leader of anything when they can’t even provide citizens with decent and affordable healthcare. It’s all a business to them. When people are afraid to go the hospital because of the costs, you know it’s effed up. When people with long term illness can’t afford to get the medication they need to simply survive – it’s beyond effed up. Shame on this current administration for playing fast and loose with people’s lives.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Not sure how the coca-cola fits in here, unless as a parable of the snake oil we’ve bought.


    • MDavis says:

      Perhaps as a representation of the prescriptfication of everything? I’ve come across a person (in the store) seeking something similar to a muscle relaxer. She used to be able to get them over the counter (OTC) on a long-ago doctor’s advice. Basic emergency asthma inhalers are the same. Primatene is no longer OTC as it has been declared too harsh – so much harsher than dying of an asthma attack, really – ,so you now need to get a prescription instead. My friend has not yet died of an asthma attack, but getting an emergency inhaler is tough as he fears doctors (new term, “medical PTSD” – thanks, Katie!) from various monetary and physical attacks various medical entities have inflicted on him over the years. (interspersed with lifesaving docs/nurses so there are mixed feelings there)
      Here’s a *fun fact* – if a doctor forces an unnecessary procedure on a patient Medicare does not consider it fraud. If the doc did it, they can charge for it. The doc controls all the records, so of course they can “prove” it was “necessary” even if they have to shuffle the paperwork around to do it – so it is tough to prove improper care, or ‘quality of care’ issues. Bastards.
      Our local clinic, at last check, refuses to see my friend again unless he first submits to a CAT scan; 6,000 Ameros is our out of pocket cost, up front, of course.
      It’s another ugly facet of the US American medical industry.


  3. paloma almame says:

    It will take a major epidemic for the U.S. to realize that healthcare is a matter of national security. Unfortunately i feel it will start in the southern/republican states- where the healthcare community finds ways to profit without actually providing care, and politicians refuse to expand Medicaid. Global warming will bring new health problems and doctors that are either unwilling or incapable to care for known diseases, will be in denial – until it’s too late.


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