Squiggy To Give Up SS Protection

Worst Production of King Lear, Ever

The Trump Brothers, Uday and Qusay

We read with great interest that Donald Trump Jr. is giving up his Secret Service protection, you know, because: Privacy. Totally not because he realizes now that the Secret Service are 24-hour witnesses and that the FBI has had a 3-year surveillance on one of the people he invited to meet with the Russians to talk about adoptions.

And probably not because he’s banging someone not his wife. Don’t even think that.

All I can guess is that his brother Lenny, er, Eric is probably really happy with this development. And Ivanka, too.

All that glitters…

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6 Responses to Squiggy To Give Up SS Protection

  1. paleotectonics says:

    Thou shalt not mock Squiggy. He’s a war hero, Battle of Los Angeles, saw him the the war documentary ‘1941’.


  2. So when does Squiggy</strike, err, Fredo, I mean Donny ‘go fishing’ on Lake Reno?


  3. tengrain says:

    BruceDesertRat – but Fredo always said a Hail Mary first. Squiggy doesn’t know how to hail a taxi.




  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s kinda hard to score some blow with all those Feds around.


  5. osirisopto says:

    I bet he’s planning to hold himself for ransom.


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