Some Cream For Your Covfefe (Day 239)

Comrade Preznint Stupid picks his fights carefully.

Let’s see… North Korea shoots another missile over Japan, the UK has a terrorist attack in the Tube, and Hair Führer whines that opposition to his stupid keep-away-from-Mooselimbs travel ban is just political correctness:

(Tengrain’s Rule of PeeCee stands: Whenever a conservative blames anything on being politically correct, what they mean is that Civil Rights got in their way.)

And speaking of civil rights, of course Hair Führer cannot leave alone Charlottesville, even after signing the joint resolution condemning white supremacy and the KKK (his base, in essence):

“We had a great talk yesterday,” Trump said of his meeting with [Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate]. “I think especially in light of the advent of antifa, if you look at what’s going on there, you know, you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also. And essentially that’s what I said.”

“Now because of what’s happened since then, with antifa, you look at, you know, really what’s happened since Charlottesville — a lot of people are saying — in fact, a lot of people have actually written, ‘Gee, Trump might have a point,’ ” the president said. “I said, ‘You got some very bad people on the other side also,’ which is true.”

OK, then. Preznint Stupid learned that  the phrase very fine people got him in trouble so he’s changed his rhetoric to very bad people on the other side, so blaming the victims. Good move!

Living Typo Steve Mnuchin tells us more about requesting a US Jet for his honeymoon:

‘Let me be clear. I’m very sensitive to the use of government funds. I’ve never asked the government to pay for my personal travel,’ he told me. ‘This had nothing to do with convenience. This was purely about national security.’

Because if there is another terrorist attack, all eyes turn towards the Treasury Secretary. You betcha!

Let’s conclude with The NYTimes tells, who tells us:

“Shortly after learning in May that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate links between his campaign associates and Russia, President Trump berated Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an Oval Office meeting and said he should resign, according to current and former administration officials and others briefed on the matter.

“The president attributed the appointment of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, to Mr. Sessions’s decision to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation — a move Mr. Trump believes was the moment his administration effectively lost control over the inquiry. Accusing Mr. Sessions of ‘disloyalty,’ Mr. Trump unleashed a string of insults on his attorney general.

“Ashen and emotional, Mr. Sessions told the president he would quit and sent a resignation letter to the White House, according to four people who were told details of the meeting. Mr. Sessions would later tell associates that the demeaning way the president addressed him was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life.”

I would pay good Ameros to see Jefferson Beaurgard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions as a person of color. The mind, it boggles.



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  1. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Civil Rights got in their way”
    Awesome retort to that tiresome alt-human bromide, “Pee Cee.”


  2. Karla says:

    Whenever anyone complains about “Pee Cee” when I am in earshot, I point out that in my day, we just called it ‘manners.’

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  3. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – John Watson (aka Ian MacLaren)


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