Bad Ideas, Cont.

Codpiece, a villain …

Click the image to learn more of Codpiece’s back story, and yes, it is as Freudian as you might think. What were they thinking?

That said, we elected(?) someone a lot like Codpiece to be preznint.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D

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3 Responses to Bad Ideas, Cont.

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Wow, this is basically the entire Conservative movement distilled into one comic character.

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  2. skinnydennis says:

    Nice helmet.


  3. Abu Scooter says:

    Codpiece’s background with respect to DC Comics is even weirder than the Looper page suggests. DC Comics tried to revive the 1960s Doom Patrol twenty years later, but it floundered until British writer Grant Morrison took the helm in 1989. He made the series truly surreal, complete with characters (including some of the Doom Patrollers) even wackier than Codpiece, including — I couldn’t possibly make this up — the Brotherhood of Dada. [In one issue, for example, the Patrol fought henchmen who spoke only in anagrams; caught by surprise, one of them exclaims “THIS!” before meeting his fate.]


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