What’s Not Normal Today (Day 237)

Some Cream For Your Covfefe

That hair wasn’t teased, it was cruelly bullied.

Jeebus, he’s still conflating hurricanes with taxes. What the hell is the matter with him?

  • The Congress sent a bipartisan resolution to Hair Führer demanding that condemns white supremacists and urges him to speak out against them.
  • Tim Scott, the only black Republican Senator, will be meeting Hair Führer to talk about his own, personal history dealing with racism.
  • The Supreme Court blocked a three-judge panel’s ruling that Texas needed to redraw the election maps because a congressional district map Texas adopted in 2013 violates the Constitution and is the product of intentional racial discrimination.
  • Hair Führer is lowering the number of refugees the United States accepts each year to below 50,000 people. Gee, I wonder why?
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5 Responses to What’s Not Normal Today (Day 237)

  1. The irony is that there are more likely to be tax increases (for the less well off of course) to make up for all of the federal aid that they’re handing out.


  2. Feline Mama says:

    Hey donnie, have you sent that personal donation to Tx. yet? Hmm, what you say. It’s in the mail. OK then.


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