Small Mind Lives In Small World

Steve Bannon’s legendary animal attractiveness on display

On 60 Minutes last night, Charlie Rose asked Steve Bannon if he thought that firing FBI Dir. James Comey was the biggest mistake in political history.

Bannon replied that it’s the biggest mistake in “modern political history.”

There’s a long history of bad decisions in every White House, and many of them end up with countries invaded and tens of thousand dead; Chimpy’s decision to start a Crusade for Oil the Iraq War comes to mind, or the entire Vietnam war. But he sees Trump firing Comey as a bigger mistake? That’s a pretty small world he lives in.

So what do we learn from that, considering that Bannon is Trump’s Turdblossom?

A) That Bannon doesn’t know or think much about history and

2. Bannon is as much a narcissist as Trump. That answer was all about himself.


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14 Responses to Small Mind Lives In Small World

  1. Jim says:

    Yes, he lives in a very small world where he believes he will be the Lenin that leads a brave group of ignorant, right-wing “Bolsheviks” in a revolution that transforms America. Wow! He needs to stop reading the stuff he publishes in Breitbart. (By the way, what’s with the two different styles of phrase numbering, i.e. A) vs. 2.?)

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    • tengrain says:

      Jim –

      I think Bannon is the kinda guy who watches dystopian movies or those dreadful alternative histories (what if the Nazis won!) and takes notes. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he belonged to a Civil War re-enactment group that still tries to find a way for the South to win.

      The numbering styles is from an old vaudeville trope I found amusing. Smart people playing dumb, or dumb characters trying to look smart, but tripping over themselves.




    • Ali Redford says:

      I really like the mixed numbering style.


  2. osirisopto says:

    “So what do we learn from that, considering that Bannon is Trump’s Turdblossom?”

    That Trump is now, and forever shall be the stupidest person in the room.

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  3. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I would have thought turning down the roll of Jabba the Hutt would be his biggest mistake.
    Shame, he could have done it with make up.


  4. The biggest mistake in political history? Electing Donald Trump “president.”

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  5. alstroemeria7 says:

    You’re not kidding. We fucked up royally, this time.


  6. Bruce388 says:

    One of the better Bannon jokes: “Bannon says he’s a street fighter. Looks like the street won.”

    Another: “Steve Bannon looks like he just finished a cross-country road trip with Steve Bannon.”


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