Activism: Saving The ACA: To Fight Again Another Day

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In our last episode I reminded everyone that the only thing we had won in the battle to save the ACA is the right to fight again on another day.

Today is another day.

From dKos…

Senate Republicans waste precious time trying to keep Obamacare repeal alive

One of the keys to effective governance is knowing how to set priorities for the good of the nation. Republicans are still failing at that, massively and pathetically. Proof? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is promising Republican senators they can have another go at repealing the Affordable Care Act if they can get 50 votes behind their effort. By September 30.

I know we would all prefer to have our Senators and Representatives focused on disaster relief, raising the debt ceiling, and renaming post offices, but the R’s think they can stick the knife in while we’re distracted.

A call to action:

We need to get on the phones and make sure they know we’re paying attention.

Please call your D and R Senators and Congressional Representative, today.

  • Keyword: Protect My Obamacare
  • Keyword: Pay the CSR’s
  • Keyword: See you at Townhall

The R’s are never going to stop trying to take away our health insurance, just like they are never going to stop trying to overturn Social Security. We have to keep fighting them at every turn. We cannot allow them to gain any ground on this. They’re trying to get out ahead of us on this while our backs are turned. Don’t even let them think they can pull a  fast one on us.

Make the calls to your R Senators and Representative today, please.


Phone Calls Work!


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2 Responses to Activism: Saving The ACA: To Fight Again Another Day

  1. purplehead says:

    Well, huhnph, did you see this? From that piece of shit? Wonder what’s in it for him?


    • Osirisopto says:

      No I didn’t see that.

      It’s infuriating that when he had power nothing could be done but that he can’t do anything…


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