(UPDATED) Local Contortionist In Difficult Position

I’m shocked, shocked I say to learn that the Republicans are fighting against raising the debt ceiling, even if it includes Hurricane Harvey relief for Texas:

The party’s right flank quickly panned the package as irresponsible on Tuesday, noting the Republican Party has railed for years against raising the debt ceiling without structural fiscal changes.

Ooh, did Tiger Beat on the Potomac get one of ’em on the record saying that?

“It’s a mistake to raise the debt ceiling without having some dramatic reform to our budget process,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who is among a growing number of GOP lawmakers preparing to fight the measure. “A $20 trillion debt is really our no. 1 security risk so to just keep raising the debt I think is a huge mistake.”

Ah-ha, that explains it. Libertarians: the people who don’t tip well, and who better to be the poster boy of dubious philosophical principles than the guy who got his state to change their election rules so he could run in the 2016 Goat Rodeo AND run for the Senate at the same time?

Hurricane Harvey lays bare the Ayn Randian philosophy that

  1. lowering taxes is always a good idea
  2. government programs can always be cut
  3. economic growth must always be given priority over environmental concerns

We also remember that during the campaign, Rand Paul ran away from the Dreamers as fast as he could, you know, on principle.

UPDATE: With Irma speeding along to US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Florida and as well as Houston still underwater, FEMA will run out of money by Friday. Get off yer ass, Rand.

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4 Responses to (UPDATED) Local Contortionist In Difficult Position

  1. These maroons ARE aware that the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay for the budget THEY PASSED last year?? Of course they are.

    They just want to watch the world burn.


  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I always like to point out to these folks that when George W Bush took over he was handed a SURPLUS budget on day one. All he and his Republican controlled congress had to do was… Nothing! Something they are usually very good at and they could have paid down some of the debt. Or they could have worked from that position to build on that surplus. But noooo, the very first thing they did, their biggest priority, was to give that surplus away in tax breaks to rich bastards. Now, anytime a Republican tries to tell me about fiscal responsibilities and “tax and spend” Democrats, I just laugh out loud right in their face.


    • Bruce388 says:

      Alan Greenspan publicly worried about paying off the national debt too quickly. Good thing Chimpy and his pals addressed that threat.


  3. osirisopto says:

    Every time I see these hurricanes I’m reminded of the Great Red Spot.
    I can just see one of these monster storms parking itself in the Gulf for two months. Then we would see the south rise again – as flotsam.


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