Somewhere, Joe Lieberman is Smiling

“I’m feeling relevant again.”

The Third Way is urging Dims to forget about the blahs, the poors, the skirts, and the ‘mos. Corporate America is who Dims should be supporting!

Republican-Lite, that’s the ticket!

Lookit, jobs are important. But it’s a false choice that you cannot be the party of the little guy and not be in favor of good jobs. In fact, being the party of the little guy should mean that you MUST be in favor of good jobs. But this idea of discarding the little guy and only being supportive of corporations is absolutely wrong.

Politico has more.

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8 Responses to Somewhere, Joe Lieberman is Smiling

  1. Steve-O says:

    So they want Democrats to hate workers and consumer as well. Nice.
    Fuck them with a rototiller.


  2. Wow. I was stupid…got off the boat and jumped right into the third way swamp. They quote someone bitching about ‘obamaphones’ and ‘welfare cheats with five kids who don’t work but take extravagant vacations on the taxpayers dime’ as who we should throw EVERYONE else under the bus for. Because fuck you poors/blacks/hispanics/women/people who want a livable environment for future generations!

    We gotta focus on getting the Deplorables on board, so y’all can go on to the back of the fucking line.


    Are we completely sure this ‘Third Way’ isn’t a deep GOP sleeper cell?


  3. Laura says:

    Gee, I’d forgotten all about Joe Facelikeascrotum of late……
    And by the way, Third Way and it’s minions can all go and fuck themselves with a rusty chainsaw.

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  4. RWW says:

    Since these hand-wringing Third Way concern trolls have helped move the Overton Window about as far as it can go, it’s only right that we defenestrate them first.

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  5. Jado says:

    But…but…butt…the Third Way is the only way anyone from the Democrat party will ever get the elected. Cause corporate money is what gets counted at the ballot box, not actual votes. So the hell with those beaten down potential voters-at least when the Democrats lose now, they will lose the RIGHT way, not because they didn’t raise enough money.

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  6. Jado says:

    Ugh, I hate errors on my comments.

    BTW, I cocncur with the people who say that these Third Way jackasses should be thrown to the town halls. To hell with them all.

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