What’s Not Normal Today (Day 223)

“A Strong Man for Troubled Times”

Axios morning email points out…

  • Trump in Corpus Christi at 12:05 p.m. CDT: ” We won’t say congratulations. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to congratulate. We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.”
  • Trump in Austin at 3:19 p.m. CDT: “So to the two of you in particular, I want to say congratulations.”

We have a new Kobayashi Maru un-winnable scenario for Comrade Preznint Stupid by the end of September:

  • Break a key campaign promise and effectively concede that there will be no wall
  • Shut down the government, including FEMA’s work helping Texas and Louisiana recover from the storm

The banksters are now bookies (Axios):

Citing the Harvey catastrophe, Goldman Sachs Economics Research lowers the “probability of a shutdown in early October [to] 35%, down from our prior view of 50% … Allowing a partial government shutdown when federal relief efforts are underway would pose greater political risks than under normal circumstances, raising the probability that lawmakers will find a way to resolve disagreements.”

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie tells us:

SMART MONEY IS ON — NO SHUTDOWN IN SEPT., BUT POSSIBLE IN DECEMBER. The thinking is this will put off the shutdown debate until the last month of the year. Capitol Hill will be far more interested in figuring out how to get America’s fourth-largest city out from underwater than in building a border wall, multiple sources told us. It’s unclear whether President Donald Trump will force the issue.

We are reminded again of the MPS guiding principle dealing with the Orange Menace: Trump’s RazorAscertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts and that answer is likely correct. 

We therefor are predicting a shut down in early October.


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7 Responses to What’s Not Normal Today (Day 223)

  1. osirisopto says:

    A shutdown in October would damage the brand.

    However, forcing a shutdown, or just attempting to do so in December at the beginning of election season would be the stupidest thing he could do.


  2. One of your competitors also has a “Trump’s Razor”, with an equivalent formulation. Without addressing who stole it from whom, you are both wrong. The key to everything is sadism. Always pick the most sadistic explanation, without imputing any level of knowledge or skill to the initiating actor(s).

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    • osirisopto says:

      Ah, so you’ve met the Possum Queen.


    • tengrain says:

      Frank –
      I’m so generous that even if someone stoled it from MPS, I give them my blessing to use it. I think it is always more important to get the word out than to be cited.

      Also: there’s nothing new under the sun. I’m sure Occam’s Razor has been used as the basis for much political commentary throughout the ages.




  3. roket says:

    Obviously, Goldman Sachs Economics Research is unaware that principled conscientious fiscal conservatives (???) refuse to negotiate. For freedumb caucuses sake. And also spite.

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  4. Redhand says:

    It’s not just that he contradicted himself re timing of “congratulations.” The very idea that such a disaster should result in “congratulations” of any kind borders on obscenity. It’s like the fucker can’t think of anything except in terms of how it might give him hot air to inflate his ego even further.


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