Eye for an Eye Chronicles, Cont.

Z is for Zodiac, a letter in Cruz’ name!

Hey guys, remember that time when…

“The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.” — Sen. Ayatollah Ted, showing his authentic Xristian self during the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

Poor Ayatollah Ted cannot catch a break:

Texas Republicans in Congress once stood nearly united against a bill to send billions of dollars in aid to Northeastern states recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Sen. Ted Cruz even ripped the legislation as “a Christmas tree” with billions of dollars in extraneous goodies.

Perhaps Aytollah Ted has repented now that th’ boot is on y’alls other foot?

Cruz reiterated his complaint on Monday. The Sandy bill, he said on MSNBC, was “filled w/ unrelated pork.” A spokesman for Sen. Jon Cornyn (R-Texas), who also ultimately voted against the final Sandy relief package, emphasized on Twitter that Cornyn was supportive of the measure until “extraneous $ for non-relief items” was added.

Oh, dear. Dude is Trumpian in his inability to ever say he’s sorry or admit a mistake.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) took aim directly at Cruz.

“Ted Cruz & Texas cohorts voted vs NY/NJ aid after Sandy but I’ll vote 4 Harvey aid. NY wont abandon Texas. 1 bad turn doesn’t deserve another,” King tweeted over the weekend, as Harvey continued to pummel Houston.

“Many Texas reps and notoriously, @SenTedCruz fought against Sandy aid, so crucial to CT,” tweeted Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.). “Going with my better angels to fight FOR Texas aid.”

I’m really enjoying watching the Republicans rub the much-loathed Sen. Cruz’ nose in the stain on the carpet. I really hope that Texas gets the message that Ted is as useless as bull nipples.

Also/Too: this post at Tiger Beat really cuts to the chase of the issue of development along the flood planes. The whole thing could have been avoided, but you know, real estate developers kept donating campaign contributions to Texas Republicans.

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10 Responses to Eye for an Eye Chronicles, Cont.

  1. And Cruz and Cornyn are COUNTING on this; like any sociopath, they rely on normal humans having a conscience. They will never suffer an consequences for their utter hypocrisy and bad faith.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Didn’t the honorables offer their thoughts and prayers for Sandy victims? Have we forgotten so soon?


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    We need to fund the establishment of a Big Gay Disaster Relief Corps, composed of burly leather daddies who can swoop into Red State disaster areas and freak out the bigots while rendering assistance in skintight jumpsuits.

    “Put your arms around my neck, Beauregard, and I will carry you to safety. Looks like things are going to get wet!”


  4. sleeve98 says:

    One quick word about “development.” While there’s no disputing your inferences about “the issue of development along the flood planes,” I want to point out one thing: that no matter WHAT can be, should be, or might have been done to mitigate waterflow across the Katy prairie, NOTHING could withstand the sheer amount of water Harvey dumped on Texas this week. Nothing. No devising of mankind could have prevented the catastrophe we’re seeing here, short of complete evacuation (however, see Hurricane Rita, in which countless Houstonians lost lives and property in the ensuing jam trying to get out of Dodge). I can totally relate to your cynical finger-pointing about the “developers,” but in this case, and as a practical point, it’s off the mark.


    • tengrain says:

      Sleeve98 –

      I understand your point, but I hope you understand mine: people are going to continue to die and suffer in these storms and we taxpayers are going to be paying for these storms again and again if places like Houston continue to rebuild in these hurricane-prone places. As most of these properties are going to be considered a complete loss, condemn them and don’t let them rebuild there. This is part of mitigating the danger of global climate change.

      The anecdote in the linked article about the homeowners who have rebuilt (what was it? 18 times?) and their total expense on a property worth about $180,000 was a staggering $800,000. Yes, it is an anecdote but it tells the story that is all across the gulf coast.




      • Bruce388 says:

        Comedian Kathleen Madigan has a bit about the guy whose home flooded along the Mississippi. He’s just as surprised this year as he was last year.


  5. A.J. says:

    “Going with my better angels to fight FOR Texas aid.” – Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.).

    Oh, to be a Senator from NJ or NY today. I wouldn’t be as kind as Himes.

    The Texas Ayatollah said in 2005 “(the) cost of rebuilding (after) Katrina could come from entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.”

    So give them now what they wanted then: offer an amendment to any relief bill where anyone of those Texas “takers” who get that damn “government welfare”, aka, “hurricane assistance”, has to give up their Social Security and Medicare until it is paid back! Just to watch the fur fly!


    • tengrain says:

      Naw, I want to help them. However, I do hope that the media in Texas reminds everyone on a daily basis that their congress critters wanted to screw them.




    • MDavis says:

      No way. Give these total psychopaths a toehold and they’ll go for the whole SS budget. Take it from defense. Cancel one fighter jet and see if that covers the whole cost, that’s mu suggestion.

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