Activism: Net Neutrality: It’s Show Time

Pinned because it’s still not too late, barely.

Thanks to Scissorhead Sirius Lunacy

After four months of debate, the FCC is nearly ready to stop accepting feedback on its proposal to kill net neutrality. Final comments are due this Wednesday, August 30th, by end-of-day Eastern time.

Once the comment period closes, the FCC will review the feedback it received and use it as guidance to revise its proposal, which if passed, would reverse the Title II classification that guaranteed net neutrality just two years ago.

Quixotic challenges are part of the brand here at MPS. We’ve tilted at windmills before – and won.

Despite the overwhelming number of comments, FCC leadership has made it clear that they won’t be swayed by sheer quantity of support on one side or the other. Over the past several months, commission chairman Ajit Pai has consistently said that what matters is the quality, not the quantity of the comments, saying that a well-argued legal brief is more valuable than, potentially, millions of people demanding basic protections.

In other words he doesn’t give a damn what the millions of piss-ant peons who he works for want. It’s all about the size of the check quality of the arguments from lobbyists attorney’s  being paid by working in the best interest corporations real americans.

A call to action:

I ask the more erudite members of the club to, please invest some time and do the best you can to argue the case for Net Neutrality.

To leave a comment, you’ll have to go to this site, click “+ Express,” and then fill out the form it opens up to. Make sure you leave the proceeding number “17-108” in place, as that’s what ties it to the net neutrality proposal. Also, be aware that everything filed is public, so others will be able to see your name and address.

No one will do it for us.


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4 Responses to Activism: Net Neutrality: It’s Show Time

  1. tengrain says:

    Thank you, O, for doing this. Besides commenting on the FCC form, I’ve also contacted BOTH my senators and my representative in congress.



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    • osirisopto says:

      Thanks, TG.

      FWIW. I personally doubt there’s anything we can do to prevent this guy from selling us down the river, but I appreciate the effort.

      Let’s hope it comes to more than wetting your pants in dark suit.


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