What’s Not Normal Today (Day 221)

The Official Trump Portrait is hung (but Trump isn’t)
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Congress returns to work (hahahahahahahaha) next week and has to deal with:

  • The National Flood Insurance Program expires at the end of September; wonder why we need to think about that FIRST?
  • The Federal Aviation Administration needs its authority renewed by the end of September. Remember, Trump wants to sell Air Traffic Control, so will he really sign reauthorization?
  • SCHIP, a state-based children’s health-care program, must be renewed by the end of September.
  • The debt ceiling needs to be lifted by Sept. 29.
  • The gubmint runs out of money Sept. 30
  • There are about 50 days left to get shit done in DC for 2017.

Remember that shouty tweet?

We know that The Russian Usurper had deals with Russia going back to the Reagan Years; Spy Magazine even made fun of it back in the day.  The WaPo tells us that Trump was negotiating for a Trump Tower Moscow literally during the 2016 Goat Rodeo. So Comrade Stupid had business dealings with Russia before running for president, he also had them while he was running for president. 

The take-away from the WaPo:

“[T]he details of the deal … provide evidence that Trump’s business was actively pursuing significant commercial interests in Russia at the same time he was campaigning to be president — and in a position to determine U.S.-Russia relations.”

NEXT: Stormy Weather

“Thanks!” — Jeebus, what is wrong with this guy?! Don’t answer.

And Eiron the goddess of Irony has a sad:

Like a knife, Preznint Comrade Stupid is going to go to deep in the Heart of Texas to survey the hurricane damage on Tuesday, which should be interesting as both Hobby and George H.W. Bush Intercontinental are closed.

How we can help:

And we had this bizarre exchange about Hair Führer’s response to Charlottesville on the Sunday talkies in which the Secretary of State essentially says that there American Values and that there are Trump Values and never the twain shall meet:

TILLERSON: I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values or the commitment of the American government or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.

WALLACE: And the president’s values?

TILLERSON: The president speaks for himself, Chris.

Just to make it clear:

None of this is normal.

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4 Responses to What’s Not Normal Today (Day 221)

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Unfortunately Rex, because we were foolish enough to vote for him, the President speaks for the
    American people. Whether we want him to or not. It is part of the job description.


  2. osirisopto says:

    Anyone taking bets on Tillerson spending more time with his family by the end of September?


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