Running Faster Than The Bear, Cont.

There are no big hands when it is Trump Time!

Hey guys, remember the post yesterday in which we postulated that Trump doesn’t have to outrun the bear, he just needs to be faster than the other guy? (Actually, he only needs to be more popular than the things he attacks is what we said…) We have some more back-up! and it comes from Senatorette Miss Lindsey Graham:


“The Congress is very unpopular, particularly with the Republican base, so there’s nothing unhinged about it. It’s a political strategy that I’m not so sure is smart, but it’s a very thought-out strategy. There’s nothing crazy about it. It’s a political strategy,” Graham told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“…The President is not crazy to attack the Congress. He’s not crazy to think of ways to put Democrats in a bad spot regarding the debt ceiling. They do this all the time to us,” he said.

Now that we understand that Preznint Stupid is playing only to his base, his (racist) behavior makes some sense. So let’s take the next step, shall we?

A new PPP poll shows us why Hair Führer doesn’t condemn white supremacists: that’s his base!

When asked which racial group is most discriminated against, 45% of Trump voters said it was whites, 17% said Native Americans, 16% said blacks, and 5% said Latinos.

When asked which religious group faces the most discrimination in America, 54% of Trump voters say it is Christians, 22% say Muslims, and 12% say Jews.


Of course, that is complete BS, but Jeebusland and the New Confederacy is nothing if not constantly nailing themselves to the cross, what with being so entirely powerless and the most put-upon people in the History of the World! Woe to be a straight white Xristian male in the United States.

The poll also revealed that among ALL voters, 39% support having statues of Confederate traitors in public places and 34% oppose them (which frankly shocked the bejeezus out of me). But when PPP looked at ONLY Trump voters, they supported statues of Confederate traitors by a shit ton 71% to 10%.

So now we know why he said many sides, many sides were to blame for the terrorist attack in Charlottesville: he knew it wasn’t going to hurt him, and that his base believes it too. Hair Führer understand how his base thinks (Clue: like he does).

Also, remember this?

Trump voters say they would rather have Jefferson Davis as President than Barack Obama 45/20. Obama wins that question 56/21 with the overall electorate.

So, who is Comrade Stupid running faster than in this scenario? You and me, baby. The coastal, liberal elites. And I think we now know who the bear is, too: it’s his base.

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6 Responses to Running Faster Than The Bear, Cont.

  1. There are, in this country, not half a dozen persons, each of them a specialist historian, who have more than a namecheck idea who Jefferson Davis was. The great majority of that 45% would have given the same response if the counterfactual had been a fictitious name such as Voris Bermfield Eldred (twenty-four-and-a-halfth President, he held office for nine minutes before being killed by a fragment of rock originating from a blasting accident at a constriction site several miles away.)


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    So, who is Comrade Stupid running faster than in this scenario? You and me, baby. The coastal, liberal elites.

    Correct, just like I’ve been saying.
    Plenty of dictators have succeeded in their coups without majority support.
    The fact that most of Trump’s campaign promises have not turned into legislation doesn’t mean he’s losing ground.
    He owns the electoral support of only political party with the power to keep him in check, and has already shown us that he’s the kind of guy who’s perfectly willing to refuse to accept an election result he finds uncongenial.
    He’s packing the courts at record speed with Federalist Society picks. Gorsuch was a really big fucking deal and one more dead octogenarian scotus justice will quite likely give him all kinds of air cover going forward.

    Both the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch are consistently polling with lower “approval” ratings than Trump himself, with the Legislative Branch hovering near single digits, and “the media” is worthless at this point, since people now curate their own media sources and tend to choose those which reinforce their prejudices anyway.

    The Dems, the only potentially viable political opposition, seem transfixed and frozen like a deer in the headlights, still fielding the same dreary leadership and employing the same tired old focus-group windsockery as navigational tools.

    The days when everyone read the same newspaper, like in those photos when Kennedy was shot, no longer exist, and the game rules are different now.

    I don’t know why y’all keep calling Trump, stupid, ‘cos he ain’t. His instinctive understanding of the darker impulses in the human heart, and his unabashed willingness to exploit them, is pretty much without equal in US politics today.

    So, TG, what the hell are all you coastal elite latte-sipping nimrods going to do when a crowd of swastika waving whackos marches down your street, “protected” by additional whackos bristling with firearms like the Oath Keepers or some other bellicose outfit?
    Call the cops, I guess, since most of you don’t have the means to defend yourselves.


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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, the only shot I want is in my latte, and I would call the cops.

      But I do take your point seriously.




    • And… I’m instantly reminded why I haven’t been around.


    • Osirisopto says:

      Yep. Calling the cops would be the second thing I did. After making sure DW is safe.

      White Yahoo!’s , drug gangs or street thugs. Same response for the same dangerous problem

      That’s the cops job. They’re trained and equipped for it. Just like if the house is on fire I call the fire department rather than trying to fight the fire myself.


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