Teh Stupid…

When one face palm is not enough.

…it buuuuuuuuuurns (not unlike coal):

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12 Responses to Teh Stupid…

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I like the white shiny coal, not that black dusty junk.


  2. lisahgolden says:

    It’s beautiful, that clean coal. Buhlieve me!

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  3. osirisopto says:

    Wow the only black guy in the entire stadium in Arizona sure is excited about the 19-ish jobs being created in Pennsylvania.

    I know because he’s right there on the left, immediately behind the Russian Puppet wearing the bright white shirt, with a sign that reads “Blacks for Trump”.

    Do you think he reads Craigslist help wanted ads?


    • paul fredine says:

      must have been the only one to take them up on the offer to shill in return for ‘trump bucks’. hope the check cleared before he showed up.


    • Isn’t he the former cult member? I think most black people have revoked his melanin membership by now. Dude is probably paid to show up at these things to show how not racist Trump is.


      • osirisopto says:

        “In Phoenix Tuesday night, as supporters chanted “build that wall!,” Trump turned again to the roaring crowd behind him and flashed a thumbs up.
        Michael the Black Man flashed one back, smiled and mouthed, “I love you!””

        Now we know who Trump was talking about when he got so excited and shouted “there’s my black” last year – his sub, Michael the Black Man.

        And they are like two peas in a pod…
        “His website, Gods2.com, proclaims on the landing page: “LATIN, BLACK AND WHITE MUST UNITE!”
        Links on that site lead to another one, honestfact.com, which claims that the “Real KKK Slave Masters” are “CHEROKEE Indians (Hidden Babylonians).”
        The proclamations only get more unhinged from there: “ISIS AND HILLARY RACE WAR PLOT TO KILL ALL BLACK & WHITE WOMAN OF AMERICA WITH MS-13.”
        And: “YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH Taught Us To Vote Republican & is Now VINDICATED.”
        The site also displays a photo of a Confederate flag with the caption: “Cherokee Democratic Flag.””

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      • Oh goodness me. I would start a GoFundMe campaign for the mental health services that he clearly needs but…I don’t think I’d contribute a penny let alone anyone else. It’s also not surprising that this is who Trump has chosen to align himself with. Crazy is as crazy does.

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  4. Shouldn’t that be “Black for Trump”?

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