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The Golden Schlafly!

Yes folks, we have another contender for the Golden Schlafly, the award Mock, Paper, Scissors bestows to the woman who sets back women the most, named in honor of sainted Phyllis Schlafly (may she rest in peace as soon as she is finished scrubbing the skidmarks out of Satan’s shorts).

Anyway, today’s nominee is our old pal Penny Nance from the august anti-woman organization Concerned Women for America. And what, you ask, has Penny done now? She’s defending sexist, fired, Google Engineer James Damore:

Google has done a disservice to themselves by firing Damore for exactly that which he was critiquing them: “a culture of shaming and misrepresentation.” Why is the culture of Google so restrictive and authoritarian that no ideological dissent can be allowed?

But far more detrimental, Google has done a disservice to women by shutting down an important dialogue about ideas such as nature vs. nurture and everything else that goes into the cause of a gender gap in tech.

I bet Penny has some thoughts on nature vs. nurture, too!

Do they view women as snowflakes incapable of taking in other’s opinions, digesting them logically, and refuting them gracefully? Are we so fragile that controversial opinions surrounding the gender gap must be shut down and those voicing them fired?

As a woman, I am not offended by Damore’s memo. However, I am offended by Google feeling the need to shield us from an opinion that they believe we are apparently too weak to handle.

Which, distilled to it’s essence is the ol’ schoolyard legal defense of I know you are but what am I?

Anyway, congrats to Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, you are today’s nominee for the Golden Schlafly!

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  1. A.J. says:

    “As a woman, I am not offended by Damore’s memo.”

    Really? EVERY woman I know was.


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