Vulgar Talking Yam To Speak At 6PM Pacific

You can watch it here, if you want to watch it at all.

What are the house odds that he’ll stay on script?

What are the house odds that by tomorrow he’ll contradict himself from tonight?

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5 Responses to Vulgar Talking Yam To Speak At 6PM Pacific

  1. Per the usual scuttlebutt he’s supposed to announce ‘we’re sending 4000 more highly trained American Red Shirts troops to the Graveyard of Empires because this time it’s really REALLY going to be different baby I can change!!!’

    [Tengrain was here!]

    I give it 1 in 10 odds he gets up and says “we’re gonna give it all to Erik Prince of Darkness” and James Kelly says fuck it and pulls a Steven Slater…


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Oh God not this guy again.


  3. Steve-O says:

    Carrot Harkonnen said we have to trust him on his pan for Afghanistan. Trust him? He’s so stupid he looked up at the eclipse after someone yelled not to.


  4. tengrain says:

    Well, that was incoherent gibberish. I still don’t understand everything but if I got it right, his big secret plan will never be revealed AND he revealed that he would outsourcing the war (or paying for the war?) to NATO, told India to nuke Pakistan (or was it vice-versa?) and Mexxxico to pay for the damn wall. His cocaine sniffle returns and he called “our enemy” the very prosaic “our enema.”

    It was a feast for the ears.




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