The Weak That Was

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I’m convinced that so much of journalism consists of having a good timeline. From “What did the president know, and when did he know it” to the current stain on the escutcheon, if you have a good timeline the story writes itself.

Thank you CNN (I cannot believe I am writing those words) for presenting us a timeline of how Comrade Preznint Stupid’s Running America Like A (Trump) Bidness week played out.

The answer: not well.

The week startes with the Orange Menace dithering about white nationalists driving a car into a crowd of people killing one and concludes with pretty much all of his support from CEOs evaporated, the Mar-a-Lago A-Go-Go social season cancelled, living typo Steve Mnuchin pressured to explain why he has not resigned, 21st Century Fox’s James Murdoch donating significant money to the ADL, and even amoral Carl Ichan found Trump too much to bear.

So you see, running ‘Merika like a bidness (a Trump bidness at that) isn’t really a good idea. Dude so bad a bidness, he couldn’t make money on a casino in Atlantic City. Oh, wait.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good, straight-forward read.

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  1. ” Dude so bad a bidness, he couldn’t make money on a casino in Atlantic City. Oh, wait.” Dude made out like a bandit in AC. I remember during the campaign that some folks reported that he’s still sucking up huge tax breaks from that bankruptcy.

    The poor dumb mooks who put up the money? Eeeeh, not so much.

    He’s always been very good at running a bidness to make him rich while leaving his lenders and investors bupkiss. But it’s a rough slog, you gotta keep finding lenders and investors to bilk, which is why he ended up running My Little Russian Launderette with Putin’s pals.

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