Complicit or Incompetent?

This tweet the other day got me thinking…

…why does the press always give The First Shady and Trump’s Fratsputin Jared a get-out-of-jail-free card every time Preznint Stupid shoots hisself in his gnarly cloven hooofie? We’re always told that they are the reasonable, moderating influences, but there is never any supporting evidence to go with those assertions.

I don’t believe in attacking the minor children of politicians (hands-off Barron please, just like hands-off the Obama kids, and what should have been hands off minor Chelsea during the 1990s), but Jared and Ivanka are not just adults, they are parents. And they hold the exalted title of special advisors to the president, they have actual offices in the west wing. There should not be special rules for them.

Also/too: they always seem to be on vacation whenever the merde hits the proverbial fan and cannot be reached. Such a bizarre coincidence, non? It’s almost like they knew, or almost like they don’t work. But that’s another issue.

So, if they are advising moderation it isn’t working so they must be incompetent, or they are just a craven and stupid as the mango-hued shitgibbon whom they serve.

So which is it? Incompetent or complicit? The press needs to quit coddling them for access and to do its job.

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6 Responses to Complicit or Incompetent?

  1. Laura says:

    Certainly Javanka is incompetent if the question is whether either is qualified for a job in the federal government, let alone as a presidential advisor. In civil service, one is required to meet the minimum qualifications of the classification.

    They’re complicit in not stopping candidate trump. Jeezus wept. I love my dad, and even with his degree in political science he’s not qualified to be president, and I’d have gently talked him out of a hairbrained run for office. But neither dad nor I am a grifting, chisling, money grubbing scum bag.


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  2. ming says:

    Both. The two are not mutually exclusive.


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