Updated: Activism: Antifa: Good Job!

From MSN…

Trump, first lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors over concerns of ‘political distraction’

How odd. Doesn’t he know that everyone will be talking about him? 😛


John ain’t got nothin’ on Mustafa.

My hat’s off to all of the brave people who have spoken out in defiance of the Nazi’s, the Radical Right, the White Supremacists, and White nationalists. You’ve shown them what Americans are made of. Thank you.

I especially want to offer my thanks the to the guy who dumped coffee on Alex Jones. I would never advocate harming anyone, but I wish it had still been hot.

A call to action:

Phone calls. Please call your senators and congressional representative, especially if they are racist republicans and respectfully request they censure Donald “I love me some Nazi’s” Trump for failing to condemn the actions of the Nazi’s and other people and groups you wouldn’t want to meet.

  • Keyword: Censure Trump for His Support of Nazism, White Nationalism, Etc.
  • Keyword: Pay the CSR’s
  • Keyword: Protect my Obamacare
  • Keyword: See you at town hall.

No, I won’t allow anything – even Nazism – to distract from the battle to save our ObamaCare. And knowing that it will stick in the craw of both the R’s and the Nazi’s is the icing on the cake.


Phone Calls Work!


Oh, while we’re on the subject of Nazi’s, meet the newest Nazi to climb out of the clown car that is the Trump date farm, cesspit “administration” – 28 year old, former model, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

To hear her talk there’s something about Trump that just grabbed her.

Nazi is as Nazi does…

Hasta luego, Amigos.

Update from a super secret Scissorhead: Advice to all the Nazi’s coming out to join Shitlter in the spotlight – remember this joke.

A man walks into a bar.

A patron who’s been there for a while sits next to him and says “See this bar? I built this bar with my own hands, but do they call me Angus the Bar Builder? No.

I built that pier out there all by myself, do they call me Angus the Pier Builder? No.

I built that boat by hand, crafting it lovingly with all my skill over months. Do they call me Angus the Boat Builder? No.

But you #*@% one goat.”

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8 Responses to Updated: Activism: Antifa: Good Job!

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That Alex Jones coffee thing was a false flag on attack.

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  2. Feline Mama says:

    “Political Distraction” my ASS! He would never skip an audience. He’s afraid of protests & signs, & BOOS! I guess you could say this WOULD BE a political distraction after all!

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    • osirisopto says:

      Attending this one would make the humiliation rained down upon him by Pres. Obama at the WHCD look like a tongue bath.

      It still will, we just won’t be able to watch him squirm.


      • Feline Mama says:

        DAMN HIM, AGAIN!! Always taking the fun away from us!! He’s thinking: “I’ll show ’em”!! I don’t need your stinkin’ Kennedy Center Honors! Hey, wasn’t Kennedy a Democrat?” And then there is “Honors”. Not a good combo for this A** In Chief!


  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    “I especially want to offer my thanks the to the guy who dumped coffee on Alex Jones. I would never advocate harming anyone, but I wish it had still been hot.”

    I tell ya, if that idiot Jones had come charging after me like that he’d of discovered the details of how his co-pays work.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    Another Profile in Cowardice from Donnie Two-Scoops.

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  5. cirze says:

    Wonder where he grabbed her.


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