Homeless in the Potemkin Village

I’m laughing my pretty pink ass clean off:

Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer loses its Russian domain, too

When the Daily Stormer lost control of its .com domain in the face of a social media protest, the infamous hate site sought virtual refuge in Russia. For a few hours on Wednesday, the site re-appeared at the domain “dailystormer.ru” before the site lost DDoS protection from CloudFlareand disappeared from the Web once again.

Now the Russians have nixed the Daily Stormer’s new online home, citing the country’s laws against hate speech. According to Radio Free Europe, the Russian company responsible for registering the Daily Stormer’s Russian domain received a letter from Russian authorities asking it “to look into the possibility of register suspension due to extremist content of this domain. So we decided to suspend [the] domain Dailystormer.ru.”

So, do you think that Y’all Qaeda, The New Confederacy, US White Supremacists, the KKK, and Comrade Preznint Stupid will suddenly get over their man-crush on the Russians and go all snowflake-y on how their freedom of speech is being trampled on by Mother Russia?

Bank on it.

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