Hair Führer is No Alexander the Great

Mike Pence rug shopping in a war zone. Never found the pot of gold.

Tiger Beat reports that Hair Führer is getting near to making a decision about our generations-long war in Afghanistan (Chimpy’s Excellent Adventure, and emphasis is mine):

The options the Pentagon is presenting are straightforward, and nothing the president has not seen before: Stay the course with the current strategy, which combines counterterrorism with a relatively narrow advise-and-assist mission to support Afghan government troops; add the several thousand additional American forces that the top U.S. general there has asked for; send in private contractors; or withdraw.

So far, Trump has not decided on any of the options the military has offered, and instead has raised questions about whether the Afghan War is still worth it, current and former military officials have told POLITICO. And he may well go with an idea from another quarter. White House advisers like Steve Bannon are reported to favor replacing uniformed combat advisers with thousands of armed private contractors. The result could be a hybrid option: replacing some advisers with contractors, for example, while leaving other advising tasks in military hands.

Sweet Jeebus, Commander Bunnypants is gonna send in mercenaries?! MAGA, bitches! And by any chance would that be a windfall to Erik “Blackwater’ Prince, you know, Betsy DeVos’ brother?

Prince, who founded the private security firm Blackwater that was later renamed Xe Services and then Academi, first shared his idea for Afghanistan in a May 31 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, “The MacArthur Model for Afghanistan,” which called for consolidating authority into a viceroy who would lead coalition efforts in the country.

This month, he released more details about the plan to the news media.

The proposal calls for deploying 5,500 private contractors, mostly former commandos, to advise Afghan forces, along with a 90-aircraft private air force to provide close-air support, according to an Aug. 8 article by USA Today’s Jim Michaels.

Where is that fool gonna get enough swine blood to fight a war?

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3 Responses to Hair Führer is No Alexander the Great

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I just have to wonder why us taxpayers are spending SO much money on our military if we’re just going to hire mercenaries to fight our wars anyway?

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He’s going to expect a cut, a piece of the action.

    I’d suggest sending all of the Charlottesville Deplorables over there as a Pepe Brigade to carve out a white ethnostate, but I wouldn’t wish that on the Afghan people.

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