Family Fun Day for the New Confederacy

And why do I say that is a leak? Take it away, Brian Stelter: “From the W.H. nightly talking points email: “The president is entirely correct.” Some of the recipients thought the email was so ridiculous that they immediately leaked it to reporters, including yours truly…”

If you read that thing (click the image of the letter to embiggen), it’s just a dog’s dinner (apologies to dogs) and would put anyone who repeats these things into the deplorables’ basket.

The not-so-funny joke I heard last night was a Nazi and 9 sympathizers walk into a bar, and the barkeep says, “Hey! What are 10 Nazis doing in my bar!”

The point is that surrogates for a Nazi sympathizer are just other Nazis. This is an indelible stain that no amount of bleach can be removed from their white robes. I hope that the surrogates really consider what repeating these points does to their professional prospects once the Fourth Reich concludes.

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4 Responses to Leaks!

  1. That ICE prosecuting “White supremacists” thing was a big case involving the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood in Texas, over drugs and weapons charges. https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndtx/pr/largest-case-prosecuted-us-focusing-white-supremacist-prison-gang-members-swift-justice

    Note the date of the announcement. I’d luuuuuuurrrrrrve to see the Word ‘track changes’ history on that document….I’d wager 500 quatloos the words ‘violent white supremacist gang’ was a straight search-and-replace for ‘violent white prison gang’ hastily added at the last minute


  2. osirisopto says:

    Did it mention the thousands of cheering muslims in New Jersey?


  3. MDavis says:

    For how long has the white house been sending talking points to their party in congress?

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