Trump Approaches Raging 20s

President Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest level ever in a Gallup tracking poll.

The president’s approval rating is only 34 percent in the latest Gallup average released Monday, while 61 percent of adults disapprove of the president’s performance, also a new high.

We note that Gallop conducted this poll during the Charlottesville terrorist attack (Friday to Sunday) and so it is possible that the next one could be even lower, say in the 20s?

Sweet Jeebus, imagine what this buffoon will do to distract us when THAT happens?!

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7 Responses to Trump Approaches Raging 20s

  1. We’ll see if the 27% Crazificatiion Factor barrier holds. I suspect it’ll bend but not break.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    “Sweet Jeebus, imagine what this buffoon will do to distract us when THAT happens?!”

    Threaten to destroy the entire fucking world? Nope already done that.
    Steal everything that’s not nailed down? Already done and actively working with a claw hammer on the rest of it.
    Endorse a terrorist group? Again he did that last week.
    Pick a fight with his own party?
    Publicly use racial slurs against a sitting senator?
    Start his own escort service?
    Sexual abuse?
    Blatant, easily proven, pointless dishonesty about irrelevant matters in a public forum?
    Piss on his own supporters?
    Brag about the size of his dick on primetime teevee?
    Piss on leadership in his own political party?
    Piss off our largest trading partner?
    Destroy relations with our oldest allies?
    Threaten to kill somebody?
    Order his minions to beat up protestors?

    Hell the only thing he hasn’t done already is get down Ivanka’s pants.

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  3. Queasy says:

    I’m glad they pointed out that the 61% of people that disapprove were adults.


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